Your Vegan Restaurants

RESTAURANT REVIEWS!!! (Alphabetically)

Los Angeles:



Bossa Nova

Cafe Gratitude

California Vegan


Chaya Venice

Cooks County


Dave’s Gourmet Korean


Follow Your Heart

Fresh Brothers

Green Peas

Golden Mean


Kind Kreme

Lares Restaurant


M Cafe

Mohawk Bend

Mrs Winston’s Green Grocery

M Street Kitchen

Native Foods

No Udder Desserts Inc

Planet Raw

Rahel Ethiopian Veggie Cuisine

Real Food Daily

Rosa Mexicano


Samosa House

Seed Bistro

Seed Kitchen


Sun Cafe


The Veggie Grill


Vegan Glory

The Vegan Joint

The Windows Lounge at The Four Seasons




New York City:

Blockheads Burritos

Candle 79

Good Health Cafe

Recharge Healthy Kitchen


3 thoughts on “Your Vegan Restaurants

  1. Have you tried Native Foods yet? It’s a great SoCal mini chain (6 or 7 locations, including Culver City) that is now branching out to Chicago and beyond. This place really got me excited about vegan cooking and was an office favorite for vegetarians and meat eaters alike- especially the pizzas! Check them out at:

  2. Wow I wished I lived in America, there is hardly no vegan resturaunts in Australia! I saw one of your posts about vegan soft serve ice cream, and it made me want to move to America even more 😦

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