It’s been a long time … Since I left you …

Without a dope treat to step to, step to step to…

Okay dear readers: I think MIA is an understatement re: my blogging. Woof.

These are the cliff notes of why …

I went to culinary school! Not just any culinary school, but my dream of all dream culinary school: The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York Citaaaaay!!!

Mi Escuela

My Chef’s Training Program! Holllahhhhh!

Rigorous, time consuming (like I never imagined or experienced), amazing, informative, incredibly difficult (I think I finally get why they call New York the City That Never Sleeps … because no one ever sleeps), inspiring, so much fun, eye-opening, my life teacher and soon to be one of my greatest accomplishments. That alone could not even come close to summing up my experience/ongoing journey not only at the Chef’s Training Program, but in taking the risk of  moving to New York, living alone , having no friends or family in a foreign city, and somehow making my way through these past eight months a more grown-up, capable, educated, and dare I say worldly vegan girlfriend ….. and in a month, a CHEF!!!!

My program is ending in May and I PROMISE I will be back. Expect a huge revamp times 235.75 (I’m great at math) plus better than ever nutritional info, recipes and health insights I truly believe in. Wow have my beliefs changed. I have learned SOOOOO much and I can’t wait to share it all with you fantastic readers!

For now keep checking back, subscribe, and don’t mind the rando adds some creepster (who somehow high jacked my website) continues to post on my blog. Trust me, all to be remedied ASAP.

While all of you kind and patient readers wait for your brand spankin’ new, vastly more informed, utterly more delicious cookin’ and generally badass vegan girlfriend, here’s some embarrassing pics (and more importantly food I’ve made), to hopefully give you a sense of what my sad but wonderful bloggie absence has been like 🙂


Chef Vegan GF, in Full Force

my thuper sexy uniform

Tempeh Piccata

Tempeh Piccata

BBQ Tofu Skewers

BBQ Tofu Skewers

Sea palm salad - beyond gorgeous, I know (modest horn sound now)

Sea palm salad – beyond gorgeous, I know (modest horn sound now). But sea veggies are my new obsession … posts on posts on that in May 🙂

Composed Beet Salad

Composed Beet Salad



Kabocha Tiramisu with candied pistachios

Kabocha Pumpkin Napoleon, Candied Orange Peel, Green Tea Pistachios. Un-Effing-Real.

Cake day .. bahhhh

Cake day .. nuff’ said


Anything on a skewer, pop or the like I die for. DIE! Fruit, coconut balls, micro greens and wittle sticks (YESSS)

Chocolate cake (vegan of course) ... guess I took a lot of pictures of dessert week, whoops

Chocolate cake (vegan of course) … guess I took a lot of pictures of dessert week. Typical.

I ain't know challah back girl (snap)

I ain’t know challah back girl (but, um, I am)


Carrots, kale, Chickpeas and Veggie Tart .. OH MY!

Cooking Indian spiced coconut curried green beans a la minute (made to order) for 110 people

And finally … Here I am cooking Indian spiced coconut curried green beans, a la minute (that’s a shamcy way of saying “made to order”) for 110 people! I’m a BOSS!

Can’t wait to blog on the reg again!!!

Until then …

vegan wishes and gluten-free dreams


Your Vegan Girlfriend