Hugo’s Tacos

Yo yo yo! It’s taco time! Finding good vegan Mexican food in LA can sadly be a challenge, but have no fear Hugo’s is here!

One way to taco town...

Last week I went to Hugo’s Tacos in Studio City for the first time ever (whaaaa?!), which is an off-shoot of the Hugo’s Restaurant you all know I LOVEEEEEEEEE and am currently obsessed with the ridic donk Happy Hour they got going on. I went to Hugo’s Tacos for the vegan Mexican food, but left with my newly deemed spot for THE BEST VEGAN FROYO IN LA hands-down, period amen, praise soft serve.

Hugo’s Tacos

4749 Coldwater Canyon
Studio City, CA 91604

(818) 762-7771

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – 10 pm


Taco time!

Hugo’s Tacos, a small taco stand located right off the freeway in Studio City, and a block away from Hugo’s Restaurant, is kinda hard to spot, but once you do, delight in the amble parking provided in their lot.

I’m sure it will come as no shock that I went with my blog’s co-star Bess, and we eagerly reviewed our options to share and indulge in for a late lunch with our lovely mamas.


Much like Hugo’s Restaurant, Hugo’s Tacos has clearly labeled vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options on their menu, making life a million times easier for those of us who don’t eat meat, dairy, eggs, gluten or all of the above!



We got in line (supah short for 1:30 pm on a Thursday) and ordered at the window from the friendly staff working behind the counter.

We decided on a taco, a burrito, a tostada, a quesadilla and lots and lots of their delicious freshly baked chips! But not before we made a pact to get all of the dessert options, since rumor had it Hugo’s soft-serve froyo is the epitome of vegan froyo done right.


Within legit 5 minutes our food arrived piping hot  and demanding me to devour its vegan veggie goodness.


I first tried the taco I ordered, a vegan and gluten-free version I opted to get both grilled veggies and soy chorizo on.

) ( [Can be Gluten-Free] ) Soft or crispy shell (I got soft). Served with onions & cilantro, choice of salsa. Choice of Mixed veggies or Soy Chorizo (I got both)”]When you order a taco there is a choice of sauce that you get on the taco itself, and OF COURSE I chose my obsession, Hugo’s Honey Chipotle Sauce I’ve obsessively raved about in previous posts.  Compared to the rest of the bombness that would come, this taco was my least fav item, BUT a good taco none the less. Loved the veggies, loved the fresh and hot corn tortilla, and loved the always outstanding daiya cheese.


Next I tried the veggie quesadilla.

) Choice of filling, flour tortilla. Choice of filling, flour tortilla with Oaxaca cheese (can be subbed for daiya). Choice of salsa on the side. Choice of filling: I got Mixed veggies”]This quesadilla was BOMB!!!!! First let me say how pleased I was with the very generous helping of guac cause these dillas dipped in ’em are whole notha level good. I loved the mixed veggies in this and LOVE the soft warm flour tortilla the cheese grilled veggie medley came in. Tortillas make or break a taco/quesadilla game, and Hugo’s nailed it.


I tried Bess’ main order the tostada.

) ( [Can be Gluten-Free] ) Choice of filling, choice of salsa on two crispy corn tortillas with organic white beans, lettuce, Cotija cheese (or sub for daiya), guacamole. Choice of mixed veggies or soy chorizo.”]This was basically a better version (because it was fried, obviously and more substantial version of my taco. All mixed up this was almost like the most amazing nacho experience ever, since each bite had the crispiness of the corn tortillas and all the beans, lettuce, cheese, guac and veggies mixed in. Def a thumbs up… a big one.

My last main I tasted was the burrito …. and it was without a doubt my favorite of all four things we ordered.

) ( [Can be Vegetarian] ) Choice of filling, onions & cilantro, choice of salsa, flour tortilla with organic Spanish rice, organic white beans. Enchilada style $1.37 extra. Choice of Mixed veggies or Soy Chorizo”]OMG was this good. The Spanish rice and white beans were whole notha level amazing and made this monster wrap stand out significantly from the other entrees we ordered. Since all Mexican food is basically the same stuff in a different shell (ie: corn or flour tortilla fried or not and cut and grilled a certain way) finding variation can be, well, difficult at best. But when you throw in options like daiya, soy chorizo and some off the best rice and beans on this earth, you know you’re in for a treat. This is an absolute MUST ORDER and next time, you bet yo bottom dollah I will be getting it enchilada style. Mmmmmmmm.


Let it be noted that Hugo’s Tacos also has some of the best freshly baked chips I have ever tasted.

Chips and more chips

I was so excited about these chips, in fact, I demanded my picture taken with them.

YVG the chip crusader

Warning, don’t fill up on chips pre-meal cause when chips are as good as these (and free!) you probably will.


Now here is when the delightful meal took a turn for the BEST. Dessert time. Now I’m not a huge dessert person, def like savory over sweet, but I ave heard about Hugo’s Tacos legendary vegan froyo for years and could not wait to try it myself. There are only two dessert menu items, so naturally, got em both.

Let’s save the best for last shall we?


I tried their vegan rice pudding (I love rice pudding!) which came in a little plastic pre-packed “to-go” box. Ripped the top off and in my mouth it went.

[Vegetarian] [Gluten-Free] – Organic basmati rice, Saigon cinnamon, Tahitian vanilla, organic cane sugar, organic rice milk and organic soy milk."]”]This was good but not amazing. I liked the cinnamony vanilla combo a play here, but it wasn’t “pudding-y” enough for my particular rice pud preference. If you like a less “custard” like rice pudding though, I’m sure this will be your jam.


And now ladies and gentleman, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. I present to you, Hugo’s Tacos’ vegan frozen yogurt!!!!!!!!!

Frozato – [Vegan] [Vegetarian] [Gluten-Free] Deliciously creamy, house-made, non-dairy soft serve-like frozen dessert. Cup or cone; chocolate, vanilla or swirl. (Contains nuts & soy)

The game has just been changed my friend. THE ENTIRE FROZEN YOGURT GAME. Not only is this by far and away the best vegan froyo I have ever tasted (chocolate is def the winning flavor of the two if they had to battle it out in the ring celebrity death match style) but the BEST FROZEN YOGURT PERIOD I have ever tasted. Better than any yogurtland, menchie’s self-serve bs we all love (or hate). I don’t know what else to say other than this frozen yogurt will change your life. You could cure cancer, stop global warming, make out with Ryan Gosling, and win the lottery all on the same day, and this would still be better. THAT GOOD.

Is yogurt/human marriage legal in the South? If so, bye ya'll!

Clearly this is a MUST MUST MUST ORDER and you should make the trip no matter where you live just for this.


So in love with everything about my Hugo’s Taco experience and hope to be continuously awed by the Hugo’s franchise. I would come back and get the burrito the froyo (obvi and maybe try the salsa burger since they offer a vegan cheesed up version of that dope sounding offering too.


Hugo’s Tacos, thanks for existing, thanks for the dope vegan and gluten-free options, and thanks for the insane insatiability for chocolate frozato you have forever instilled in me. Love you honey (chipotle) boo boo.




Your Veganish/Vegetarian Girlfriend (better?) 🙂


Hugo’s Brand New In-Ter-Mis-Sion Happy Hour Menu

You all know my intense love of Hugo’s Restaurant and all of their amazing vegan and gluten-free options. Well Hugo’s just added a brand new Happy Hour menu with almost exclusively vegan items and it is absolutely insane!!!!

I was lucky enough to get to taste every single item on the new In-Ter-Mis-Sion Menu, and boy oh boy do we all have something to get happy about!

Boasting an impressive list of appetizers and cocktails none of which is priced over $5, Hugo’s has recently begun rolling out their “In-ter-mis-sion Menu” from 4 pm to 7pm M-F at their West Hollywood location and from 3 to 6pm in their newer Agoura Hills location. After last night I am officially declaring this THE BEST VEGAN HAPPY HOUR IN ALL OF LA. Bam!

Let’s go down the list item by item so we can talk about just how good every single thing was!


Asian Spring Rolls (vegan and gluten-free)

Asian Spring Rolls (vegan, gluten-free) - Vietnamese style spring rolls with dipping sauce

These light and healthy spring rolls were so fresh, crisp and delicious. The rolls were filled with sunflower sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, kelp noodles and fresh herbs and served with a mild sesame-chili dipping sauce. The sauce was stooooopid good and gave this tasty Asian inspired finger food the perfect kick.


Mac & Cheese (vegetarian and vegan option, both gluten-free)

Mac and Cheese (traditional or vegan) - Fusili pasta with 4 cheese or vegan cheese sauce

We ordered the vegan option and it came with garlic, sliced mushrooms and sweet peas in a creamy cashew and sunflower cheese sauce all topped with crispy fried onions. I loved the crispy onions on top! What a wonderful addition to this veganized classic comfort dish. The cheese sauce was creamy and just perfect with the peas and mushrooms mixed in with the gluten-free pasta!


Green Tamales (vegan and vegetarian option, gluten-free)

Green Tamales - infused with spinach on a bed of tomatillo salsa topped with an avocado-tomato salsa (and a dab of sour cream if you get the vegetarian version).

These are a Hugo’s classic and one of my favorite starters on their regular menu. I love that they are now offered for 5 bucks! The sauce is everything a verde sauce should be. This is one of the heartier options on the Happy Hour menu, so if you are feeling hungrier this is a great pick.


Los Nachos Con Queso (vegan and gluten-free)

Los Nachos Con Queso - Crispy corn tortilla chips over a bed of tomato-chipotle black beans, zesty vegan queso sauce, pico de gallo, diced grilled green chilies, avocado and chopped cilantro.

I’ve raved about these nachos before and enjoyed them just as much as ever.  Chef Nabor’s nacho cheese sauce is off the hook amazing and the beans are just phenomenal.  I love these nachos and so does everyone who tastes them.


Hugo’s Sliders (vegetarian and vegan option) – Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with choice of mozzarella or vegan cheese. Select one sauce as a topping from these great options: Honey Chipotle, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Tikka Masala & Cilantro Mint Chutney

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce and vegan cheese

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Tikka Masala & Cilantro Mint Chutney and vegan cheese

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Honey Chipotle Sauce and vegan cheese

Sorry for not snapping a pic of the marinara but I think you get the idea!

Since wheat bread isn’t my jam I only ate the inside of each slider, but each one was seriously better than the next. The marinara tasted like an amazing vegan version of chick-un parmesan, the sweet bbq sauce was finker lickin’ good and made me feel like I was having southern style “ribs”, the tikka masala was very different and the chutney added a tangy and refreshing contrast, and the HONEY CHIPOTLE, ohhhhhhhh the honey chipotle. I legit order this straight up and eat it plain, take shots of it while my friends look on in horror, and get it to go to eat on legit anything and everything in my room… err I mean kitchen. Clearly the sliders with the Honey Chipotle sauce was my fav, but BBQ and Marinara tied for a close second. These are such a fun happy hour mini burgers and would be a great vegan app for watching a game with an ice cold beer. (Oh hi Super Bowl).


Flatbread Pizzas (vegan and vegetarian option, gluten-free)

These incredible gluten-free pizzas are made with either mozzarella or daiya cheese (the best!) and come in two different varieties, Mung Beans and Rice with Pesto Drizzle and Italian Vegetable.

Mung Beans and Rice with Pesto Drizzle Flat Bread Pizza - topped with vegan cheese

This was BY FAR my fav item of the night! It is so inventive and an absolute MUST ORDER!!!!!

Hugo’s makes the most delicious organic mung beans and basmati rice they cook slowly in a blend of vegetables, herbs and spices. The gluten-free flat bread it came on was like the best thin pizza crust I have ever had. It was crispy, buttery, crunchy, and cooked lightly to perfection, providing the ultimate base for the rest of the toppings. If you want to be WOWED by a dish, get this. It’s a huge portion, incredibly original, vegan, gluten-free, and only 5 dollars. Pretty sure that spells amazing.

Italian Vegetable Flat Bread Pizza - Marinara, Tomatoes, Artichokes, Red Peppers, Spinach, Onions and Basil topped with vegan cheese

This pizza was also great. I loved the variety of veggie toppings and it was nice to have traditional marinara sauce on this pizza in contrast to the sauceless mung bean option. For some reason the crust was a little soggy of this one though. I think the amazing crispy and buttery flat bread gets saturated really fast, so just something to be aware of. Solution: eat this right away! Regardless of over sauce-uation, this was super tasty, huge and bursting with flavor.


The cocktail menu, which features Cosmos, Margs, Martinis, Mojitos and Well Drinks in a variety of flavors, are all 5 dollars Monday – Friday as well. So one app and one drink costs you max 10 bucks. Basically it’s the best deal ever.

I just had water but Bess had the Mango Marg and loved it.

Mango Margarita


I can’t rave enough about legit EVERY SINGLE ITEM on Hugo’s new Happy Hour menu. I absolutely LOVED everything on the In-Ter-Mis-Sion menu, but with that gluten-free and vegan mung bean and rice situation for only 5 bucks, I might need to make gettin’ happy a daily endeavor.


Hugo’s be more awesome (oh wait you can’t).




Your Vegan Girlfriend


Hugo’s January Specials and a very vegan birthday

Happy belated birthday to Bess!

This weekend Bess celebrated her birthday at Hugo’s in West Hollywood, one of my all time favorite vegan restaurants. I was thrilled when Bess told me she wanted to celebrate her bday at Hugo’s because I already had my eye on their amazing sounding vegan specials of the month. True to form, Bess and I shared several dishes each better than the next!


We got the vegan food party started with the nacho appetizer to share with the table.

Los Nachos Con Queso - Crispy corn tortilla chips over a bed of tomato-chipotle black beans. Topped with Chef Nabor’s zesty vegan queso sauce. Accented with pico de gallo, diced grilled green chilies, avocado and chopped cilantro.

I’ve had the vegan nachos at Hugo’s once before but I don’t remember them being this insanely good. The nacho cheese sauce the chips come smothered in is absolutely incredible; I could seriously eat a vat of just that.  Every component of these nachos is great and we all gobbled them up in a blink of an eye. Two huge thumbs up for this amazing app that’s perfect for sharing with all your friends! Weeeee.

Next Bess and I shared one of Hugo’s monthly specials, the polenta and portabello ragout appetizer.

Grilled Polenta & Portabello Ragout - Grilled polenta topped with sautéed diced portabello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, broccolini, and sun dried tomato, in a cashew-cream marsala-tomato sauce. Sprinkled with fresh chopped basil.

Um OMFG this was BOMBBBBBBBBB. My favorite dish of the night, this seasonal app sums up everything I love about vegan food. The cashew cream marsala sauce was “I can’t believe this is vegan” good. So so creamy and rich and lightly spiced with Italian flavors, the rich sauce paired perfectly with the big chunks of the “meaty” portabellos. The grilled polenta was golden and buttery, hearty and comforting. The other veggies in the ragout were also amazing especially the broccolini, which I normally am not the hugest fan of because it can be bitter. Not in this dish. Everything was 11 out of 10 good. Run out of your door and go to Hugo’s and order this because it will only be on the menu until the end of the month. MUST MUST MUST order. So damn good and entirely vegan and gluten-free!

For our entrée, Bess and I decided to do splitsies yet again, and we decided on another stellar January special, the oyster mushroom tacos (yes oyster mushrooms are vegan!)

Oyster Mushroom Tacos - Warm corn tortillas filled with breaded crispy fried oyster mushrooms. Topped with shredded lettuce, jalapeno-marinated vegetables, fire-roasted-tomato salsa and cilantro. Served with chopped romaine salad and Caesar dressing.

All I can say is yes yes yes. So much yes going on on this plate. The piping hot mushrooms inside of the hot corn tortillas were fried to a crisp golden brown and contrasted so nicely with the cool crunch of the shredded lettuce and salsa. I think these tacos were a play on Ensenada style fish tacos, a California favorite of my meat-eating friends. I love that Hugo’s veganized and improved upon classic fish tacos and more importantly that they tasted so freakin’ good! The “meaty” quality of the shrooms was simply the perfect filling for a perfect taco. Yum yum yumeroooo.

A better shot of the crispy fried mushroom filling.

Although the polenta ragout was still my favorite order of the night (cause it was on anotha level good) these tacos are a def must order and I highly recommend getting them before they go off of the menu. (PS – why is vegan Mexican food always SO good). The caesar salad the tacos were served with, as always, was great too. The vegan caesar dressing at Hugo’s is def the best in town. Go get this special now! You can’t go wrong.

For dessert Bess’ birthday guests and I decided to surprise her with two seasonal desserts, the vegan pumpkin pie and the vegan chocolate brownie torte, both totally vegan and totally gluten-free!

Pumpkin Pie - Smooth, pumpkin pie spiced with ground clove, cinnamon, ginger & cardamom in a coconut and pecan crust. Topped with pumpkin seed brittle and served with whipped cream (not vegan) upon request.

Okay so this wasn’t my jam but I am weird and hate nutmeg, which the pie was heavily seasoned with, so that conclusion was inevitable. The other guests really enjoyed it though so don’t let my potpourri spice hating taste buds dissuade you. That being said, I think everyone agreed the torte was the clear dessert winner.

Brownie Tort - A wonderful chewy chocolate pecan brownie topped with a fudge frosting and a ripe strawberry. They are so full of whole ingredients we consider them a more nutritious food source than any ordinary dessert.

Don’t even know where to begin. I normally don’t go crazy for super rich chocolate desserts in general but oh my vegan stars was this thing delicious. I normally don’t like fruit either, but the strawberries paired with the fudgey gooey brownie like torte were the most insane and perfect flavor combo ever. How in the world this is both vegan and more astonishingly gluten-free I don’t know. I do know, however, that is was blowing my damn mind. This dessert is seriously DANGEROUS. I am so glad I had other people to share it with (errr or fight over it with) because lord only knows I could eat the whole thing myself in a heart beat. And then another. This torte is heaven on a plate people, pure vegan heaven on a plate. MUST MUST MUST ORDERRRRRRRRRRR.


Every month Hugo’s never ceases to amaze me with the inventiveness, creativity and execution of their specials. January proved to feature one of my favorite menus yet and I give my full endorsement for every delicious item I tried. All gluten-free and all vegan lose your mind apps, entrées and desserts at an omnivorous restaurant? Is this real life? Yes, yes it is. It’s Hugo’s.


My one complaint was regarding the service. The dinner service at Hugo’s West Hollywood is always a little, err, shall we say, lacking. Our waitress was kinda hard to flag down and def had a ‘tude. However, the hostess (possibly manager?) at the front totally picked up her slack and is always amazing to all the customers whenever I eat there. Regardless of service gripes, Hugo’s continues to be one of my favorite vegan friendly restaurants in LA. I think Bess had a great birthday and that’s all that really matters. I will def be hitting Hugo’s up again in January before those rockin specials disappear!




Your Vegan Girlfriend

Hugo’s October Special You Must Eat NOW!

I recently went to one of my favorite restaurants, Hugo’s, in West Hollywood for lunch. They have the craziest special this month that’s both gluten free and vegan and most importantly redic donk amazing.

Grilled Flat Bread Veggie Sandwich - Chef Nabor’s amazing gluten-free flat bread grilled with a spread of basil pesto and Daiya vegan cheese with layers of grilled eggplant, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, green chili and organic mixed greens tossed with just a touch of Caesar dressing. Served with crispy fresh French fries, house potato chips or organic mixed green salad.

This would make my soon to be compiled vegan bucket list if it weren’t a special. The gluten free flat bread is like eating a polenta cake and the pesto, veggie, daiya combo on this sandwich is pure perfection. Could be my fav sammie I’ve ever eaten in my life.

The crazy good Plato Del Alma special is still around for another month too! If you haven’t gotten that GO NOWWWW. Read more about my rave review here.

Plato Del Alma - A wonderful Latin variation on our Soul Food Plate. Choice of grilled marinated organic tofu or veggie patty with a sweet chipotle drizzle, accompanied by corn tamale cake, fried plantains, grilled onions, grilled romaine heart with sweet chipotle glaze and stuffed crispy fried portabello mushroom with a mixture of avocado, black beans, roasted jalapeno sauce and cilantro.

These two specials are some of the best vegan eats LA has to offer. Go go go gooooooooooooooo.




Your Vegan Girlfriend

Hugo’s AMAZING August vegan specials

Since moving from WeHo to Santa Monica my trips to Hugo’s have become pretty sporadic. You all may remember my overwhelming enthusiasm about this vegan friendly mecca located in both Studio City and West Hollywood, from this post. I gushed about my love for Hugo’s and how their monthly vegan specials consistently steal my heart. This month, of course, was no different.

My cousins were in town visiting from Florida, so a huge group of my Yoga Shelter friends and family gathered for lunch to get our vegan grub on. First up, we shared two plates of the vegan nachos. You guys all know how much I love nachos, and I have never tried Hugo’s vegan take, so I was incredibly excited of our apps to arrive.

Los Nachos Con Queso - Crispy corn tortilla chips over a bed of tomato-chipotle black beans. Topped with Chef Nabor’s zesty vegan queso sauce. Accented with pico de gallo, diced grilled green chilies, avocado and chopped cilantro.

We dug in so quickly all I could manage was an action shot. Hungry hungry vegans on de loose. These nachos were really good. Really good, but not great. I still favor Real Food Daily’s version over any other nachos I have had. Either way everyone thoroughly enjoyed these queso smother chipy chips and they disappeared within minutes.

When it came time for entrees I opted for their killer salad special this month, the vegan bbq salad. This salad boasted some of my favorite ingredients like grilled mushrooms and squash eeeek, so my order was a no-brainer.

BBQ Salad - Chopped romaine lettuce tossed with grilled mixed marinated vegetables (red and green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, corn and mushrooms), black beans, diced avocado in a tangy BBQ dressing. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and pico de gallo.

This salad was perfection. An incredibly array of grilled vegetables, crisp romaine, loads of avocado, hot black beans and the most delicious bbq sauce evah. Two thumbs up and I would HIGHLY recommend you check it out before it goes off the menu in September!

Other notable vegan specials of the month included the gluten-free upside-down peach pancake (who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch) and the plato de alma plate, a latin version of my ALL TIME FAV Hugo’s special, the soul food plate.

Upside Down Peach Pancake - A thick pancake infused with peaches, sweet coconut cream, lemon and vanilla bean. Topped with a peach and banana compote and a dusting of organic powdered sugar.

Plato Del Alma - A wonderful Latin variation on our Soul Food Plate. Choice of grilled marinated organic tofu or veggie patty with a sweet chipotle drizzle, accompanied by corn tamale cake, fried plantains, grilled onions, grilled romaine heart with sweet chipotle glaze and stuffed crispy fried portabello mushroom with a mixture of avocado, black beans, roasted jalapeno sauce and cilantro.

Both were amazing, and if I go back and am hungrier I will hands down order the Plato Del Alma. Stuffed crispy fried portabello? Yes please.

Go check out these inventive and incredibly delicious specials before it’s too late!!


Your Vegan Girlfriend

Hugo’s standout super star special of the month

Ahhhh Hugo’s. One of my all time favorite places to eat, not only because their food is so darn lip smacking good to the last bite lick your plate good, but because they are a regular restaurant with lots of omnivorous options that goes above and beyond to accommodate vegans as well. Their vegan options are so abundant here I forget it’s not a full fledged vegan only establishment sometimes. They also have two locations; one in West Hollywood and one in Studio City. Today I had the pleasure of dining at their Studio City location with my dear friend Jesi. We LOVE it here, as we are both vegans, and both pretty picky. Jesi has some gnarly food allergies and they always are more than accommodating of that as well. We got to Hugo’s with ferocious appetites (shocker) and were ready to get downnnnnn.


12851 Riverside Dr
Studio City, CA 91607

This picture totally sucks I'm sorry! But this is the entrance.

I immediately grabbed the June specials list to see what we were working with this month. Each month Hugo’s puts out about ten specials, one or two of which are consistently so spectacular I come to eat them pretty much weekly. This month they do NOT disappoint.

Today Jesi and I went with the special Italian salad and the Crispy Portobello Sammie along with some well doe french fries split down the middle. I love splitsies! That way I can try two things instead of one 🙂 The salad was okay, nothing special, and def not something I would order again. I may have felt that way because it was so powerfully out shined by the MOST AMAZING SANDWICH EVER the Portobello crispy yum yum bundle of goodness I all but vacuum cleaner style inhaled with in one minute.ORDER THIS NOWWWWWWW it is insane off the chain blow your mind ridiculous. Yes. That good.

Italian Panzanella Salad (vegan!!) - Chopped leafy greens tossed in oil-free sherry vinaigrette with red cabbage, tomatoes, roasted eggplant, red onions, artichoke hearts, crispy croutons and fresh basil. Topped with toasted pine nuts (on the side for Jesi purposes)

Again salad was nothin special. I liked the roasted red peppers and eggplant in it and the croutons were garlciky and crunchy and not burned which is always a plus. But not a reorder fo sho.

Crispy Portabello Mushroom Sandwich (vegan and gluten free!!!) - A knife-and-fork sandwich: caponata (olives, sun dried tomato and basil,) sliced tomatoes, grilled onions, roasted red peppers, mixed organic lettuce tossed in balsamic dressing, with a choice of goat or vegan cheese, between two large crispy-fried portabello mushrooms. Served with an organic mixed green salad.

I really cannot stress enough how much you need to go to Hugo’s and order this. I am legit going back tomorrow to get this again. Yes. That good.

Fries WELL DONE, always well done (note: we actually sent these back for more well done fries, as you can see these did not pass the test)

When the actual well done fries came back they were BOMBBBB. SO perfectly seasoned with salt. pepper and a sprinkle seasoning salt and (this time) cooked to perfection. I have not had french fries in months so this was an amazing decadent treat 🙂
FYI other menu standouts:

New American Veggie Burger

An outstanding combination of organic sprouted mung beans, organic brown rice, assorted fresh vegetables, mushrooms, pumpkin & sunflower seeds, herbs and spices fried crispy. Served with onion, lettuce, tomato, Vegenaise and your choice of any burger toppings (get diya vegan cheese!!). This burger is new, because it is more nutritious than meat and is a positive use of our agricultural resources. And most importantly, it’s delicious. If you want to make it gluten free order it on fried portabello or crispy potato pancakes!!!

Very Green Casserole

Broccolini, spinach, asparagus, zucchini, with garlic and fresh herbs in a tomato-basil pesto sauce. Topped with a veggie patty and melted goat and mozzarella cheeses. (Daiya vegan mozzarella substituted upon request – obviously do this) Served with organic mixed lettuce.

Green Tamale Plate

Two spinach infused sweet-corn tamales covered with our tomatillo sauce and mozzarella cheese – ask for the vegan daiya). Served with garlic spinach and a zucchini, corn and roasted red pepper medley. Ask for it vegan and have the sour cream left off.

Creamy Green Risotto or Pasta

Vegan risotto!!!! Fresh chopped organic leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini and asparagus blended with our creamy cashew and sunflower cheese sauce and spinach-basil pureé. Tossed with a choice of organic brown rice, house made spaghetti or fusilli. Garnished with crispy onions.

ALSO the spinach lemonade is incredibly refreshing and lord knows I love green shit.
Please do enjoy this vegan, more than friendly, restaurant of joy. Chances are good you will prob see me there.
Your Vegan Girlfriend