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Well hello beautiful people. My name is Arielle and I am a psychology student, RYT certified yoga instructor and work for an amazing company called Nation Earth. After seeing the  documentary Nation Earth created, called Earthlings, my entire perspective was shifted about our society’s treatment of animals. As a result I became vegan, meaning I do not consume animal products. I stay meat free not only for my animal friends, but for the environment, and most importantly for my health!

This blog is dedicated to my adventures in cooking and eating all things plant-based and delicious in LA and beyond! I eat mostly gluten-free and avoid all processed foods and refined sugar on a daily basis – my body just does better that way.  I am not full celiac but have gluten-sensitivity so I just choose to commit carbacide in other ways (oh hi french fries). If you are looking to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, want simple and fast vegan recipes, and want the inside info on where to get yo’ grub on, this blog is for you.

I want to share my love for food and help everyone learn that being vegan does not equal deprivation! I eat, and I eat well, and guess what? You can too! It’s so easy.  And for those readers in LA, living here affords us so many vegan opportunities in the form of stores/restaurants/markets/festivals/special events/meetups etc etc that this thing really becomes a lot of fun! I’m here to take the mystery out of vegan eating and give you the inside scoop on where to go and what to eat! My goal is to try it all so you all don’t have to 🙂 Hey, what are girlfriends for?

Thank you SO MUCH for reading!


Your Vegan Girlfriend

Oh heyyyyy ….

Me and fellow blogger/long time bestie Koko from Koko Likes

Me and fellow vegan blogger/partner in dining crime Bess of I Dream Of Greenie

It's me! Your Vegan Girlfriend!



29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, I finally found your blog. And I LOVE it! Those cookies made my mouth water. I’ll let my vegan room mate in on your blog. I know she will love it. Hope to see you in class soon!

    • Hi Nick!

      Yes you absolutely 100% can get all of your protein and more from eating an only vegan diet. Tofu, tempeh, beans, quinoa, rice, oats, nuts, seeds and lots of vegetables all provide large amounts of protein. If you need more help and want some individual guidance contact me at yourvegangirlfriend at gmail dot com and we can set up a consultation! I have helped many a skeptical meat-eater make a successful transition.


  2. When I left the other comments I did not know that you do yoga and that you are a yoga instructor! You are my vegan girlfriend! I have been doing yoga since age 12. Getting enough protein is a myth from the meat and dairy industry. The meat industry sued Oprah and lost. College textbooks on nutrition say that protein deficency in the world is rare and does not even exist in this part of the world (U.S.)

    The American Dietetic Association say that vegans get twice the protein that they need. That is too much. Excess protein cannot be stored and is broken down creating toxins. Since Americans eat 5 times the protein that they need according to Joel Fuhrman M.D.it helps cause many diseases. 40% of Americans over age 40 have high blood pressure.

    Note that Fuhrman created the nutritarian diet (vegan but nutrient dense). He also created the ANDI scale of foods used by Whoe Foods. He also created GOMBS for foods that fight disease. They stand for greens; onions; mushrooms; beans and berries; and seeds and nuts.

    An MD wrote the book Anticancer. He got cancer and the doctors cured it, but it came back. So then he cured it himself with a change in lifestyle. Then since it did not come back in 15 years, he wrote the above book. His anticancer diet explained why not eating meat is important.

    But he says here is the problem in America. In other countries people eat a little bit of meat with lots of vegetables. In America people eat a lot of meat with little veggies or a lot of tofu with little veggies. In fact Amercians get plenty of calcium. Cheese is loaded with calcium. But they get osteoporosis since the excess protein causes them to urinate out lots of calcium. See this with great sources: http://bit.ly/no-osteo

  3. Hi Arielle, It’s a long lost cousin from Michigan! I don’t think I can go vegan…. but I am leaning towards more plant based proteins.. and want to continue the lean a bit further. Steve and I just finished a 3 day juice cleanse for which we went vegan for 2 days before and 2 days after. I read all of your posts not only b/c u crack me up with your wit, but I love learning about the products you use and your recipes. B/c of you I now have stevia drops, kombucha squash, and raw cashews in my house! Keep it up love it!
    (my gram was judy’s sis…. her name was June)

  4. hi Arielle! great to find your blog (thanks for featuring me today!). I always feel nostalgic when I see the first wp theme I used – and you have it! 😀

    I have to agree with Chuck B and help alleviate Nicholas’ concerns for “enough protein” – it is absolutely easy to get enough with plant based foods, and for many the focus is unnecessary – most get more than enough protein. It comes as a surprise to some that plants (spinach and broccoli to start!) are great protein sources.

    anyway! great to “meet” you – have a fantastic day!

  5. I’ve never been a vegetarian but I like a lot of “vegan” food (one of my good friends is a vegetarian and I like variety in food, especially vegetal food) and I’ve just discovered through your blog a few very interesting products which I am eager to taste! Thank you, I will check your blog for new entries with interest 🙂

  6. So glad to have a vegan Gf :). I have Raw Hazelnut Chai brownies in the freezer, and never thought about frosting them. Now I HAVE to! Good stuff!

  7. Hi Arielle,

    I wish you were my vegan girlfriend. I’ve been vegetarian since 1968 and vegan since 2001. I was sitting here alone on Christmas Day wishing I had a vegan girlfriend. I googled “vegan girlfriend” and found your website.

    I’m writing to let you know about my new music video “I’m an Animal, Please Don’t Eat Me.” This is a follow-on to last year’s music video, “Please Don’t Eat The Animals.” You may enjoy both videos at http://www.youtube.com/zenjazzplayer.

    Below the new video, click “Show more” to see a link to download the lyrics in PDF format, and links to 55 vegan, vegetarian, animal welfare, and animal rights organizations, which are also listed in the video credits as “Resources.”

    Direct links to the two videos are:

    I’m an Animal, Please Don’t Eat Me

    Please Don’t Eat The Animals

    For the animals,

    David Savage
    Vienna, VA


  8. Hey! I just came across your awesome blog when I was searching for some healthy ways to be vegan! I just made the switch to veganism after 8 years of being vegetarian. I just simply felt like it was the most natural next step for me to take. I’d love to chat and find out how the transition was for you!

  9. I know you’ve probably heard this so many times, but you are AWESOME!!! My tear ducts welled as I was scrolling through your blog. It’s just wonderful! I’ve had many failed vegan attempts but thanks to this blog sticking to it seems so much easier…THANK YOU!!!

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