Vegan Buffalo Wings!!!! Now at The Veggie Grill.

This week is/was midterms (in class now … whoops) which gave me a free pass to eat out every single night for dinner. Getting sick of the WFM hot bar, I decided to treat myself to one of my all time favorite vegan restaurants, The Veggie Grill! I’ve always been a HUGE Veggie Grill fan, and have seriously tried almost everything on their menu, but this week my super-fandom went to an all time high. I hit VG up for dinner THREE DAYS IN A ROW … maybe gonna have to change my name to “Your Veggie Girlfriend” (hint hint) 🙂


During my first trip (of the 3) to my beloved burger, fries and kale mecca, in Santa Monica, I spotted a sign for The Veggie Grill’s new  vegan buffalo wings:

Obviously I knew what I was ordering for dinner (and then some).

And as a side note may I just say that the staff at ALL of The Veggie Grill locations, but especially the one in Santa Monica, are simply delightful. They all seem so happy to be doing their job, are so knowledgeable and sweet, and make me feel like my food is actually being made with happiness and vegan love.


Ok so now on to de winggggs.

Chill Out Wings/Buffalo Wings - Chillin' Chickin' tossed in our house-made Buffalo sauce and served with our new creamy ranch dressing ... $6.25

I don’t know if I was more excited to try those incredible looking bright orange buffalo wings or dip them in their brand new ranch!!!!

Survey says? Ding ding ding! Vegans, we have a winner! These wings are hella spicy, like super duper spicy, so spice whimps beware! However, once dipped in the cooling ranch dressing, the hot kick to creamy cool ratio is in blissful harmony and even spice-a-phobes will be able to handle the heat.  The wings themselves are made out of soy, pea and wheat protein, so sadly they are not gluten-free. (I wonder if they could ever make these with tempeh … hmmmm …. at home experiment?) The wings tasted lightly battered and fried, which gave a nice crispy contrast to the heavy helping of buffalo sauce the strips were smothered in. And the ranch, ohhh the ranch. The Veggie Grill just does dips and dressings better than any other restaurant on this planet, and this ranch added to their crazy good arsenal of such saucy supernovas.

Dip Dip, Hooray!

If you like spicy and you like buffalo sauce and you consequently love buffalo wings (or hopefully, used to) than RUN on over to the closest VG and order this app pronto. This is the perfect “watching sports and drinking beer” kinda thing to pick up for a Sunday. TWO THUMBS UP!


Along with these wings I had….

DINNER - wings, all hail kale salad, sweet heart fries, tortilla soup and an INSANE amount of chipotle mayo (not pictured)


To quickly speak on the rest of this meal, it was euphoric. Kale salad is the best in town, sweet potato fries are always crispy and perfectly seasonsed (and when dipped heavily in my boyfriend, chipotle mayo, you might just have a mouth-gasm), the tortilla soup of the day was BOMB and then, I couldn’t breathe I was so full. FML or LML?


The Veggie Grill continues to be one of my all time favorite vegan restaurants and plain ole’ restaurants in general in LA. Never have I ever had anything I have not been obsessed with. With locations all over LA (Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Farmer’s Market, and more) there is absolutely no reason every single Angeleno should not hit this magical spot up. Peace, Love, and Chipotle Mayo.




Your Vegan Girlfriend





3 thoughts on “Vegan Buffalo Wings!!!! Now at The Veggie Grill.

  1. Hard to believe you ate all that in the picture but I agree VG is awesome and I love those wings..!! If I were still eating meat I would be fooled into thinking they are real chicken..!!
    Geez…I wish you were my vegan girlfriend but maybe we’ll meet someday and share a vegan meal and the latest vegan recipes. 🙂

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