Hugo’s Brand New In-Ter-Mis-Sion Happy Hour Menu

You all know my intense love of Hugo’s Restaurant and all of their amazing vegan and gluten-free options. Well Hugo’s just added a brand new Happy Hour menu with almost exclusively vegan items and it is absolutely insane!!!!

I was lucky enough to get to taste every single item on the new In-Ter-Mis-Sion Menu, and boy oh boy do we all have something to get happy about!

Boasting an impressive list of appetizers and cocktails none of which is priced over $5, Hugo’s has recently begun rolling out their “In-ter-mis-sion Menu” from 4 pm to 7pm M-F at their West Hollywood location and from 3 to 6pm in their newer Agoura Hills location. After last night I am officially declaring this THE BEST VEGAN HAPPY HOUR IN ALL OF LA. Bam!

Let’s go down the list item by item so we can talk about just how good every single thing was!


Asian Spring Rolls (vegan and gluten-free)

Asian Spring Rolls (vegan, gluten-free) - Vietnamese style spring rolls with dipping sauce

These light and healthy spring rolls were so fresh, crisp and delicious. The rolls were filled with sunflower sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, kelp noodles and fresh herbs and served with a mild sesame-chili dipping sauce. The sauce was stooooopid good and gave this tasty Asian inspired finger food the perfect kick.


Mac & Cheese (vegetarian and vegan option, both gluten-free)

Mac and Cheese (traditional or vegan) - Fusili pasta with 4 cheese or vegan cheese sauce

We ordered the vegan option and it came with garlic, sliced mushrooms and sweet peas in a creamy cashew and sunflower cheese sauce all topped with crispy fried onions. I loved the crispy onions on top! What a wonderful addition to this veganized classic comfort dish. The cheese sauce was creamy and just perfect with the peas and mushrooms mixed in with the gluten-free pasta!


Green Tamales (vegan and vegetarian option, gluten-free)

Green Tamales - infused with spinach on a bed of tomatillo salsa topped with an avocado-tomato salsa (and a dab of sour cream if you get the vegetarian version).

These are a Hugo’s classic and one of my favorite starters on their regular menu. I love that they are now offered for 5 bucks! The sauce is everything a verde sauce should be. This is one of the heartier options on the Happy Hour menu, so if you are feeling hungrier this is a great pick.


Los Nachos Con Queso (vegan and gluten-free)

Los Nachos Con Queso - Crispy corn tortilla chips over a bed of tomato-chipotle black beans, zesty vegan queso sauce, pico de gallo, diced grilled green chilies, avocado and chopped cilantro.

I’ve raved about these nachos before and enjoyed them just as much as ever.  Chef Nabor’s nacho cheese sauce is off the hook amazing and the beans are just phenomenal.  I love these nachos and so does everyone who tastes them.


Hugo’s Sliders (vegetarian and vegan option) – Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with choice of mozzarella or vegan cheese. Select one sauce as a topping from these great options: Honey Chipotle, Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce, Marinara Sauce, Tikka Masala & Cilantro Mint Chutney

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce and vegan cheese

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Tikka Masala & Cilantro Mint Chutney and vegan cheese

Hugo's Sliders - Veggie ball sliders on wheat rolls topped with Honey Chipotle Sauce and vegan cheese

Sorry for not snapping a pic of the marinara but I think you get the idea!

Since wheat bread isn’t my jam I only ate the inside of each slider, but each one was seriously better than the next. The marinara tasted like an amazing vegan version of chick-un parmesan, the sweet bbq sauce was finker lickin’ good and made me feel like I was having southern style “ribs”, the tikka masala was very different and the chutney added a tangy and refreshing contrast, and the HONEY CHIPOTLE, ohhhhhhhh the honey chipotle. I legit order this straight up and eat it plain, take shots of it while my friends look on in horror, and get it to go to eat on legit anything and everything in my room… err I mean kitchen. Clearly the sliders with the Honey Chipotle sauce was my fav, but BBQ and Marinara tied for a close second. These are such a fun happy hour mini burgers and would be a great vegan app for watching a game with an ice cold beer. (Oh hi Super Bowl).


Flatbread Pizzas (vegan and vegetarian option, gluten-free)

These incredible gluten-free pizzas are made with either mozzarella or daiya cheese (the best!) and come in two different varieties, Mung Beans and Rice with Pesto Drizzle and Italian Vegetable.

Mung Beans and Rice with Pesto Drizzle Flat Bread Pizza - topped with vegan cheese

This was BY FAR my fav item of the night! It is so inventive and an absolute MUST ORDER!!!!!

Hugo’s makes the most delicious organic mung beans and basmati rice they cook slowly in a blend of vegetables, herbs and spices. The gluten-free flat bread it came on was like the best thin pizza crust I have ever had. It was crispy, buttery, crunchy, and cooked lightly to perfection, providing the ultimate base for the rest of the toppings. If you want to be WOWED by a dish, get this. It’s a huge portion, incredibly original, vegan, gluten-free, and only 5 dollars. Pretty sure that spells amazing.

Italian Vegetable Flat Bread Pizza - Marinara, Tomatoes, Artichokes, Red Peppers, Spinach, Onions and Basil topped with vegan cheese

This pizza was also great. I loved the variety of veggie toppings and it was nice to have traditional marinara sauce on this pizza in contrast to the sauceless mung bean option. For some reason the crust was a little soggy of this one though. I think the amazing crispy and buttery flat bread gets saturated really fast, so just something to be aware of. Solution: eat this right away! Regardless of over sauce-uation, this was super tasty, huge and bursting with flavor.


The cocktail menu, which features Cosmos, Margs, Martinis, Mojitos and Well Drinks in a variety of flavors, are all 5 dollars Monday – Friday as well. So one app and one drink costs you max 10 bucks. Basically it’s the best deal ever.

I just had water but Bess had the Mango Marg and loved it.

Mango Margarita


I can’t rave enough about legit EVERY SINGLE ITEM on Hugo’s new Happy Hour menu. I absolutely LOVED everything on the In-Ter-Mis-Sion menu, but with that gluten-free and vegan mung bean and rice situation for only 5 bucks, I might need to make gettin’ happy a daily endeavor.


Hugo’s be more awesome (oh wait you can’t).




Your Vegan Girlfriend



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