Imagine Soups – my vegan go to in this “winter” season

I haven’t cooked in ages. (I’m sorry I’m not sorry). I actually miss it so much and hopefully will be able to make some time this week to whip up at least a homemade salad, but it’s been nice to grab something quick or order in during the week and then go out for fun dinners with my girlfriends on the weekends. It gives me something to look forward to and there have been many an exciting vegan dish at some crazy good non-vegan restaurants I will post about soon!


I have a crazy intense course load this quarter and that means weekdays have been spent studying rather than cooking awesome meals. My weekday meals usually include trips to the Whole Foods hot bar, Amy’s Frozen Dinners, and most recently, lots of Imagine brand soups.

Imagine makes crazy delicious creamy tasting vegan soups that you can eat right out of the box or spruce up with some of your favorite toppings or veggies.


Recently, I’ve been loving Imagine’s Creamy Broccoli Soup, and add some vegan parm or daiya cheese on top. This is the perfect side to any meal and takes about 2 minutes to heat up.

You could also add some non-dairy cheese of your choice and pour it over a baked potato for a full dinner idea! Yum!


Other great vegan flavors in Imagine’s “creamy” variety, include tomato, portabello mushroom, butternut squash, corn and lemon grass, potato leek, sweet pea, sweet potato, and tomato basil. All of these are delicious, healthy, and 100% vegan!


On a different note, I was overwhelmed with the response to my last post regarding labels and being an imperfect vegan. I appreciate everyone’s feedback, positive and negative alike. I think there is a lot of valid conversation taking place on both ends of the debate, so I encourage all of my readers to post a comment with their views and contribute to the discussion. I hope to continue to elicit a dialogue between vegans, vegetarians, and eaters of all preferences through my writing, and my last post, if nothing else, was a great start on that path. For those of you who have contacted me on a more intimate level, I really appreciate your support. Some of the harsher criticism was difficult for me to read, but when you put yourself “out there” and make yourself transparent, I think it comes with the territoriy. I love vegan food, I love my readers and I love writing this blog. Thank you to all who continue to read!




Your Vegan Girlfriend





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