Taj Indian Palace

A recent discovery of mine is my ALL TIME fave Indian restaurant that delivers to West LA/Santa Monica/Culver City (til 10:30 pm mind you) even though they are located in the LAX area (random). Not only am I obsessed with all of their amazing veggie dishes but this is some of the best Indian food I have ever eaten delivery or not. I discovered this gem while perusing Grubhub, one of my fav ways to order delivery. Ever since my first meal arrived piping hot at my door and I shortly inhaled it, I’ve been hooked and legit order it once a week for my Indian fix! Contributing to my laziness? Maybe. Let’s just chalk it up to my love of naan.



Taj Indian Palace

8320 Lincoln Blvd
Westchester, CA 90045
Neighborhood: Westchester / LAX

(310) 337-1423

Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am – 10:30 pm
I’ve never actually been to the restaurant (obvi) but for some reason they deliver to me in West LA/Santa Monica (and prob Venice and more) so I ‘aint complaining.
Most recently I ordered a variety of veggie dishes and had left overs for days. Warning: their portions are HUGE so be prepared to do some splitting and or microwaving action for days to come.
Grubhub was having a special where if you ordered 25 dollars or more you got a free app, so I chose the pakoras.

Vegetable Pakora: Freshly cut vegetables, spiced, battered and deep fried. Served with hot mint sauce & sweet tamarind sauce

Fried vegetable nuggets. Hell to the yes. Obviously, these were fantastic. Don’t think I need to elaborate here.
One of my other orders was their saag mushroom dish, which is hearty and spicy flavorful, not spicy hot, as perfect as perfect can be.

Saag Mushroom - Fresh mushroom sauteed with spinach, onion and ground Indian spices

I was so into digging around for their big juicy chunks of mushrooms like hidden gems in a thick sea of thick spinach and lentils. I felt like I was eating cookie dough ice cream digging for the hunks of cookie dough liek I always do … cept this was msuhrooms in saag. Whatever, I’m extremely weird, don’t judge me. Anyways this is my fav dish I order here and highly reccomend it. Huge thumbs up.
I also have eaten their veggie curry which I liked a lot but didn’t love quite as much as the saag.

Mixed Vegetable Curry - Cooked with spices, ginger, onions, garlic & curry sauce

A little heavy on the potatoes but the over all flavor is super good. This mixed in with a side of their basmati rice is kind of the bomb.
A vegetarian but not vegan dish that is amazing here is the tofu tikka masala. (At least I assume it’s not vegan cause tikka masala is usually cream based …)

Tofu masala - Tofu sliced and cooked in onion sauce and home-made creamy tomato sauce

I have never seen tofu as a tikka masala option so that is pretty rad! Something about creamy tomato sauce just does it for me and this dish does not disappoint. The tofu is super soft and is the perfect protein for this Indian staple. So for all my vegetarian readers out there def get this!
In the past I have ordered the veggie combo plate which I also loved!

Vegetarian Combo: Saag Paneer (you can ask for a different saag sub if you don't feel like eating around the cheese), Dal, vegetable of the day, rice, naan, raita (which is vegetarian not vegan) or salad.

I love having tastes of everything, so any sort of combo plate I am always super on board with. Everything was amazing but their veggie of the day which I’m pretty sure was just their curried vegetables was my fav of that night.
Their naan is also insanely good.

Naan - yummmmmmm

The combo plate is two thumbs up, and a great option if you are eating solo.
There are also plenty of other veggie dishes to try so I will keep you all abreast of any new killer finds at my newly deemed staple delivery spot. Is it Sunday yet? Cause I got a hankering for some naan…
Your Vegan Girlfriend

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