Akasha Revistited

This past Thursday night I dined at Akasha for my second time ever, and holy vegan guacamole was it perfection. This visit I was seated in the dining room (thank you reservations) which is much fancier and swank than its casual cafe counterpart.

A view of the dining room in the day light (photo credit: eater la)

Akasha was alive and bustling. The expansive bar area was completely full, as was every table in the house. My waitress was very attentive and sweet and despite a packed dining room the service was surprisingly prompt.
Akasha’s onion rings were featured on The Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate (one of my all time favorite shows), a fact I was not aware of on my first visit. Now with “insider” foodie knowledge, you bettah believe I ordered these right off the  bat.

HOUSE MADE ONION RINGS - rice flour crusted, served with smoked paprika aioli and ketchup

Holy fried orbs of yum were these good. Since they are made with rice flour instead of white or wheat, these onion rings are entirely gluten-free too (oh bye-bye portion control hello gluttony). Crispy, chewy and not overly oily, this app was surprisingly “light” for something deep-fried. I liked that the onions really shone through and were not overpowered with the breading or seasoning. They were delightful dipped in the ketchup but fyi the aioli is vegetarian not vegan. All and all these totally lived up to the hype and I was super happy I ordered them. Must order numbah one of the night. Feelin’ good.

Next up I decided to go with the mung beans and rice entrée, since on my last visit I was a wee tad underwhelmed with the quinoa and tofu main. This entrée is entirely vegan sans the vegetarian raita it comes with (which can easily be omitted) and is gluten-free sans the flatbread. Again, the food came up shockingly fast, and I happily dug in.

PUNJABI MUNG BEANS & RICE - grilled corn & zucchini, (but actually seasonal veggies) tandoori flatbread, coleman farms greens, tomato chutney & raita (which is vegetarian but not vegan)

OMFG was this good. The mung beans and rice were covered with seasonal veggies including charred cauliflower, purple carrots, regular carrots and onions. Although the dish was listed with corn and zucchini I was thrilled that these seasonal subs were made which I think really took this to the next level. The mung beans/rice combo reminded me a little bit of super thick pea soup and was mildly seasoned, hearty and filling. The flatbread was also incredible and had bits of caramelized onion baked on top. I loved the contrast of the flatbread dipped into the very sweet tomato chutney (perhaps a little too sweet), and the freshness of the local greens was able to shine through the modest oil and salt salad dressing. Every component of this dish was seriously perfect and I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is the vegan jam right hurr. MUST ORDERRRRRRR.

Even though my full level was pretty much off the odometer I could not leave without trying the vegan peanut chocolate dessert that came with vegan gelato. Dessert/peanut butter/chocolate/delicious lovers beware, this is about to change your life.

SALTY CHOCOLATE PEANUT BAR - candied peanuts, sea salt, caramel, peanut butter chocolate chunk gelato

Ummmmmmm OMFG OMFG OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG was this good. Like pretty much one of the best vegan desserts I have ever had in my life. The salty chocolate peanut bar was reminiscent of a gourmet snickers bar covered with decadent caramel drizzle and chunks of roasted peanuts.  It was rich and fudgey and decadent and most importantly salty!!!! Sweet and salty is the ultimate combo and this dessert married the two flavors to perfection. The darkness of the chocolate bar contrasted the light, creamy and oh so peanut buttery gelato so perfectly I lost my damn mind. Like I seriously might have gone into a vegan peanut butter chocolate induced delirium because every bite was legit better than the one before. That gelato is the stuff vegan dreams are made of people. I could actually eat like 5 full orders of just the gelato on my own. I seriously could not believe this was vegan. Have I said OMFG yet? Cause OMFG. Um, so, like, go get this right now before I buy out their entire supply, thanks.

Oh and MUST ORDER times infinity.

And with that Akasha just won the game for one of my top picks for a date night on the Westside. I loved every aspect of my dining experience here and absolutely everything I ate was pure heaven. SO what are you waiting for, go here now!!!! I cannot wait to go back 🙂



Your Vegan Girlfriend



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