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This past Friday bloggie friend Lauren of The Jolly Fox celebrated her birthday at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park.  I’ve heard amazing things about the vegan option Mohawk Bend offers, so celebrating Lauren’s birthday was the perfect excuse to treck to the Eastside to try this restaurant/brewery.  Not only did I like Mohawk, but I discovered one of the best vegan menu items I have ever indulged in at a restaurant. Do not read this post hungry or you will inevitable lick your screen.


Mohawk Bend

2141 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Neighborhood: Echo Park

(213) 483-2337

Hours: Mon-Thu 12 pm – 11:30 pm, Fri 12 pm – 1:30 am, Sat 9:30 am – 1:30 am, Sun 9:30 am – 11:30 pm
Since I’m not too familiar with the Echo Park area I can’t speak too much to Mohawk’s locale, but since Mohawk doubles as a bar/beer wonderland I’d say it’s a safe one stop shop bet for your night.  Lauren had a table on the beautiful patio which features a modern outdoor fireplace and both table and booth seating where you can watch all the neighborhood action while enjoying a drink.

A view of the front patio and its abundent seating( photo credit: quarrygirl)

Quarrygirl summed up the vegan-friendly back-story better than I can so here is a quote from her about the crazy amazing vegan options: From its inception, the menu at Mohawk was designed to be extremely vegan-friendly. It’s a collaboration between two chefs—one of whom is a vegan herself, so as you can imagine, we’re well looked after. They’ve taken care of every last detail, down to separate fryers, utensils, and cooking preparation areas. The restaurant has succeeded in creating classic pub fare that everyone loves, with a vegan twist that’s extremely impressive.” How awesome is that!
The vegan menu options are abundant and luckily Bess was also one of of the birthday goers that night, so per usu we split a bunch of things. 

Me and Bess about to eat the night away!

We started with a few apps, a veggie side and ordered a salad with their vegan veggie burger on top (custom go-to order) for our main.
The first app that arrived was their herbed flatbread which we ordered with the eggplant spread.

Herbed Flatbread with Spiced Roast Eggplant

Compared to what was to come this app was kind of meh. The eggplant dip was actually amazing but the supposed “herbed” flatbread had not a single herb in sight and pretty much tasted like bland pita bread. We devoured the dip but we ended up eating only like half of the bread.
Next up were the brussel sprouts, an app from Mowhawk’s small plates menu section.

Brussels - roasted with apples and almonds

I actually straight up hated these but Bess really liked them and birthday girl Lauren LOVED them. To me they tasted exactly like apple pie which was just too weird for me.  I think they were flavored with nutmeg, which I absolutely detest, as well as cinnamon and other typical pie spices. I couldn’t get behind the strange flavor combo but since Lauren was wild about it so it could def just be me, I dunno. Whatever the case may be re: spice situation, the brussels were cooked perfectly, caramelized and not too oily, so for those who get down with pie on their cabbage, go for it.

Then the stars of the show arrived. The couple next to us ordered two huge vegan sausage pizzas which I had a huge piece of and holy smokes was it amazing.

Vegan sausage pizza with daiya and red and green peppers and onions

I didn’t see this on the menu so this may be a special order but I know Mohawk has tons of vegan/veganizable pizzas which is always a huge win. The sausage on this daiya loaded pie of joy was fantastic and the crust was the perfect thin:thick ratio. Highly rec ordering a Mohawk pizza pie, highly.

Our kale salad came warm and our veggie burger with onions was served on the side.

JJ Kale - wilted salad of kale seared with garlic and chili, topped with julienned jicama.

The kale salad was superb. Hot kale is the best, and the salty, umami heavy dressing paired perfectly with the tender and not at all bitter greens.  I LOVEDDDDDDD this salad and wished the order was bigger. This is a must order and I will never not order it when in Mohawk attendance.

The burger was meh but I assume that was due to not getting it burger style and just cheese stands alone on a plate. Lauren ordered it as it comes, bun and all, and raved so I’m gonna reserve judgement.

V is for Vegan house made quinoa and lentil patty

I also appreciate the use of quinoa over brown rice, they typical veggie burger binder I see on menus.


Okay now onto the winner of the night/month/life. The vegan poutine. Yes, that’s right, vegan poutine!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegan Poutine - fries smothered in vegan gravy and daiya cheese (note: this is not on Mohawk's menu online so it may have been a special? I hope not.)

OMG OMG OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. No words can describe the awesomeness that was going on here. The fries were perfect, the cheese abundant and the gravy – holy gosh the gravy – it was so “real” tasting I seriously couldn’t believe my taste buds. I don’t say “I can’t believe this is vegan” that much since I know how amazing vegan food can be, but I legit couldn’t believe this was vegan. Guys this is like run out your front door right this second to get every order in Mohawk’s kitchen good. This is top of my 2011 vegan bucket list good. This is sell your first-born on the black-market for poutine money good. This is my own personal version of vegan heaven.
Okay, taking a deep breath. Sorry…. moving on….
For dessert our waiter surprised Lauren with a vegan version of a pizookie (a deep-dish cookie cake) and a huge scoop of coconut vanilla ice cream on the side.

Happy birthday to Lauren!

Cast Iron Cookie from the stone oven. ”A La Gelato.”

Cast Iron Cookie from the stone oven. ”A La Gelato.”

Holy mother of chocolate chip heaven.  The fact that there was a vegan pizookie alone is beyond mayjah but then the fact that it was out of this world blow your damn mind amazing is another (a whole notha level).  MUST ORDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and the perfect end to an incredible vegan indulgent Friday night of celebrating!!!!!!

Oh and let us not forget that there are over 70 beers on tap, a nice wine list and dozens of signature cocktails at this epic Echo Park establishment. I can’t say enough about how amazing my experience was at Mohawk Bend. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it and can’t wait to come back. I will happily travel to Echo Park when kale, poutine and pizookies are on the menu. This is among some of the most exciting and delicious vegan food I have ever had the pleasure of eating and now is right on up there with my favorite restaurants for vegan eats in LA.
Mohawk you send me …. right into a food coma. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Vegan Girlfriend

6 thoughts on “Mohawk Bend

  1. Hi, thank you so much for the positive review on Mohawk! My company does their PR and is always happy to see such great coverage. One thing, though – in the paragraph after the pita picture, Mohawk is spelled wrong. Could you fix that? I was going to email you, but I couldn’t find a place to contact you here.

    Cheers and happy new year!
    Melissa B.

  2. Just got to reading this post and I love it! Thank you so much for coming out to celebrate with me! I was having such a terrible day up until I got to see all of my wonderful friend at Mohawk and got to stuff my face with some many yummies. I did love the brussel sprouts for sure, albeit they were a little salty–and the poutine was insanely good too….and the pizookie! I had ordered the burger before and thought it was good until I had all of this other amazing stuff. Thank you again so much for coming and letting me eat ALL of your sprouts! 😉

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