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Hi! I have been so mia lately and for that I am sorry! I want to do a series of restaurant posts/reviews on amazing vegan spots I have been to in the past but pre-blog days, and am dying to go back to.  Although I haven’t been in a bit, these are some restaurants all vegans MUST hit up at some point in their LA food careers, so it’s about time I give them some blog love!

Let’s kick this party off with a spotlight on an absolutely incredible cafe that has some of the greatest vegan food in all of Los Angeles: Follow Your Heart Cafe.  Follow Your Heart is an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant and full service market in Canoga Park. That’s right folks, a completely vegetarian grocery store. How cool is that!  The amazing cafe that’s attached serves up some of the greatest vegan sandwiches I have ever tasted in my life and absolutely kills it with their food in general. I need to make the trip to Canoga and get my fix asap!

FYH cafe! (photo credit: city-data)


Follow Your Heart Natural Foods Market & Cafe

21825 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303

(818) 348-3240

So why is Follow Your Heart so amazing? Well first of all they are home to the world’s best vegan ruben sandwich. Seriously, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever tasted  in my life, and if you haven’t experienced the wonder that is FYH’s ruben then put this on the top of your to do list and do it fast!

The Ruben - Thinly sliced wheatmeat, sauerkraut, mustard and Vegenaise, Thousand Island dressing on oversized rye bread. Offered with Follow Your Heart non-dairy cheese or “cottage-style tofu.” (photo credit: to live and eat in la)

All vegan, absolutely massive, and about as close to bliss in a deli style vegan sandwich form as you’ll ever get. Make sure to order it with the cottage-style tofu FOR SURE – makes all the diff and takes the ruben to a whole notha level.  Eating this ruben with the cottage-tofu (which tastes nothing like tofu mind you) is sort of a religious experience. Trust me when I tell you, you have not lived until you have tried this wonder sandwich.  This thing is absolutely massive, I mean HUGE, so unless you are Man Vs Food-ing it up, be prepared to take half home. This should make any vegan eater in LA’s bucket list.
You can order “The Love Plate” and get half of this beast (a much more manageable portion) with a cup of the vegan soup and your choice of coffee, hot or cold tea, soda or small juice.

more ruben goodness!

In my pre-gluten-free days I used to eat this a lot more, but this is a heavily gluten containing meal, so celiacs beware. I say it’s totally worth the stomach ache to try this once though – sometimes you just gotta live a little. However, there are plenty of gf items at FYH too, so gluten-free eaters fear not!
My other favorite FYH menu item, which is totally gluten-free, is the tempeh tacos.

Organic Tempeh Tacos: Two organically grown, stone ground corn tortilla shells, filled with seasoned, grilled organic tempeh, vegan cheese, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. Served with Spanish rice, black beans guacamole and lime wedges. (photo credit: yelp)

This plate is also huge and extremely filling. Great for when you get a vegan Mexican hankering (which I do and need to have satiated often) and tastes absolutely fantastic. The tempeh is so so good and mildly seasoned and I love their guac! Ole!
Another must order is FYH’s vegan version of the fresh date shake. No clue how it tastes so good but it’s prob the best shake I’ve had in my life.

Fresh Date Shake (photo credit: yelp)

Mmmmmmmm how can vegan ice cream and dates taste this good? Oh wait, no, how can vegan ice cream and dates NOT taste this good. Gah I love this. Super indulgent Tuesdays anyone?
So there you have it! Three of my all time favorite vegan food items I have ever tasted in my life and that I must must make the shlep back to Canoga Park for. Anyone else have favorites from FYH? GOSH I WANT THAT RUBEN!!!!
Your Vegan Girlfriend

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