Mohawk Bend

This past Friday bloggie friend Lauren of The Jolly Fox celebrated her birthday at Mohawk Bend in Echo Park.  I’ve heard amazing things about the vegan option Mohawk Bend offers, so celebrating Lauren’s birthday was the perfect excuse to treck to the Eastside to try this restaurant/brewery.  Not only did I like Mohawk, but I discovered one of the best vegan menu items I have ever indulged in at a restaurant. Do not read this post hungry or you will inevitable lick your screen.


Mohawk Bend

2141 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Neighborhood: Echo Park

(213) 483-2337

Hours: Mon-Thu 12 pm – 11:30 pm, Fri 12 pm – 1:30 am, Sat 9:30 am – 1:30 am, Sun 9:30 am – 11:30 pm
Since I’m not too familiar with the Echo Park area I can’t speak too much to Mohawk’s locale, but since Mohawk doubles as a bar/beer wonderland I’d say it’s a safe one stop shop bet for your night.  Lauren had a table on the beautiful patio which features a modern outdoor fireplace and both table and booth seating where you can watch all the neighborhood action while enjoying a drink.

A view of the front patio and its abundent seating( photo credit: quarrygirl)

Quarrygirl summed up the vegan-friendly back-story better than I can so here is a quote from her about the crazy amazing vegan options: From its inception, the menu at Mohawk was designed to be extremely vegan-friendly. It’s a collaboration between two chefs—one of whom is a vegan herself, so as you can imagine, we’re well looked after. They’ve taken care of every last detail, down to separate fryers, utensils, and cooking preparation areas. The restaurant has succeeded in creating classic pub fare that everyone loves, with a vegan twist that’s extremely impressive.” How awesome is that!
The vegan menu options are abundant and luckily Bess was also one of of the birthday goers that night, so per usu we split a bunch of things. 

Me and Bess about to eat the night away!

We started with a few apps, a veggie side and ordered a salad with their vegan veggie burger on top (custom go-to order) for our main.
The first app that arrived was their herbed flatbread which we ordered with the eggplant spread.

Herbed Flatbread with Spiced Roast Eggplant

Compared to what was to come this app was kind of meh. The eggplant dip was actually amazing but the supposed “herbed” flatbread had not a single herb in sight and pretty much tasted like bland pita bread. We devoured the dip but we ended up eating only like half of the bread.
Next up were the brussel sprouts, an app from Mowhawk’s small plates menu section.

Brussels - roasted with apples and almonds

I actually straight up hated these but Bess really liked them and birthday girl Lauren LOVED them. To me they tasted exactly like apple pie which was just too weird for me.  I think they were flavored with nutmeg, which I absolutely detest, as well as cinnamon and other typical pie spices. I couldn’t get behind the strange flavor combo but since Lauren was wild about it so it could def just be me, I dunno. Whatever the case may be re: spice situation, the brussels were cooked perfectly, caramelized and not too oily, so for those who get down with pie on their cabbage, go for it.

Then the stars of the show arrived. The couple next to us ordered two huge vegan sausage pizzas which I had a huge piece of and holy smokes was it amazing.

Vegan sausage pizza with daiya and red and green peppers and onions

I didn’t see this on the menu so this may be a special order but I know Mohawk has tons of vegan/veganizable pizzas which is always a huge win. The sausage on this daiya loaded pie of joy was fantastic and the crust was the perfect thin:thick ratio. Highly rec ordering a Mohawk pizza pie, highly.

Our kale salad came warm and our veggie burger with onions was served on the side.

JJ Kale - wilted salad of kale seared with garlic and chili, topped with julienned jicama.

The kale salad was superb. Hot kale is the best, and the salty, umami heavy dressing paired perfectly with the tender and not at all bitter greens.  I LOVEDDDDDDD this salad and wished the order was bigger. This is a must order and I will never not order it when in Mohawk attendance.

The burger was meh but I assume that was due to not getting it burger style and just cheese stands alone on a plate. Lauren ordered it as it comes, bun and all, and raved so I’m gonna reserve judgement.

V is for Vegan house made quinoa and lentil patty

I also appreciate the use of quinoa over brown rice, they typical veggie burger binder I see on menus.


Okay now onto the winner of the night/month/life. The vegan poutine. Yes, that’s right, vegan poutine!!!!!!!!!!!

Vegan Poutine - fries smothered in vegan gravy and daiya cheese (note: this is not on Mohawk's menu online so it may have been a special? I hope not.)

OMG OMG OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. No words can describe the awesomeness that was going on here. The fries were perfect, the cheese abundant and the gravy – holy gosh the gravy – it was so “real” tasting I seriously couldn’t believe my taste buds. I don’t say “I can’t believe this is vegan” that much since I know how amazing vegan food can be, but I legit couldn’t believe this was vegan. Guys this is like run out your front door right this second to get every order in Mohawk’s kitchen good. This is top of my 2011 vegan bucket list good. This is sell your first-born on the black-market for poutine money good. This is my own personal version of vegan heaven.
Okay, taking a deep breath. Sorry…. moving on….
For dessert our waiter surprised Lauren with a vegan version of a pizookie (a deep-dish cookie cake) and a huge scoop of coconut vanilla ice cream on the side.

Happy birthday to Lauren!

Cast Iron Cookie from the stone oven. ”A La Gelato.”

Cast Iron Cookie from the stone oven. ”A La Gelato.”

Holy mother of chocolate chip heaven.  The fact that there was a vegan pizookie alone is beyond mayjah but then the fact that it was out of this world blow your damn mind amazing is another (a whole notha level).  MUST ORDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and the perfect end to an incredible vegan indulgent Friday night of celebrating!!!!!!

Oh and let us not forget that there are over 70 beers on tap, a nice wine list and dozens of signature cocktails at this epic Echo Park establishment. I can’t say enough about how amazing my experience was at Mohawk Bend. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend it and can’t wait to come back. I will happily travel to Echo Park when kale, poutine and pizookies are on the menu. This is among some of the most exciting and delicious vegan food I have ever had the pleasure of eating and now is right on up there with my favorite restaurants for vegan eats in LA.
Mohawk you send me …. right into a food coma. Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Vegan Girlfriend

M Street Kitchen

This past week Bess (my bloggie bestie) and I tried M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica, a veggie friendly upscale Main Street newcomer.  Lettuce Entertain You, the Chicago-based hospitality firm which has been part of LGO Santa Monica since its inception, took over full ownership of the venue, and changed the restaurant’s name from La Grande Orange Cafe to M Street Kitchen on April 14. M Street actually serves a similar to LGO menu with many of the restaurant’s most popular eats (Brussels Sprout Salad, the Green Chili Burger) but added several new items as well, including a daily vegetarian special, sushi and buzzed about desserts. They serve brunch, lunch and dinner and have a dope happy hour menu to boot. Our interest was piqued.

Bess arrived before me around 6:30 on Thursday evening and was able to grab a table without much wait, but within minutes everything got super packed.  I would suggest making a rez if you know you will be eating at M Street to avoid waiting around for a table. There is free underground parking, a huge plus since Main Street can be a nightmare to find meters on (especially during prime dining hours). Now let’s talk food!



M Street Kitchen

2000 N Main St
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 396-9145

Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 8 am – 10 pm, Fri-Sat 8 am – 11 pm

(photo credit: la.eater)

night-time view

M Street has a great vibe – upscale, romantic, and hip.  Sleek and modern looking inside, there’s an intimate candlelit mood at M Street, and in the future I would love to take advantage of the comfy and refreshing outdoor patio dining they have as well. However, Thursday night was especially chilly, so Bess and I were pretty content with our prime table in the front of the restaurant.

(photo credit: la dine club)

M Street has a huge bar and a massive cocktail and wine list.

The bar area and some more views of the seating (photo credit: eddible skinny blog)

After reviewing the menu Bess and I decided to do some splitsies (not surprisingly) since not only do we have the exact same palate and food likes/dislikes, but we both love tasting a little bit of everything. God I love eating with my food twin.
After checking with the waiter to make sure the items we ordered were entirely vegan (or could be made that way) we decided to share an app, a salad and a main.  Our waiter was incredibly accommodating and sweet, contrasting rumors that M Street was sporting some sub-par staff. Def not my experience at all.
All of our food came out at the same time (which we thought was kind of strange to be honest) but Bess and I were pretty hungry so we shrugged it off and dug in. We first tried the Brussel Sprout Salad we ordered, but both of us were overwhelmed by the orange and citrus flavor of the dressing, especially since the dish advertised a honey-mustard dressing not a citrus one.

Brussel Sprouts Salad - (no cheese) almonds, dried berries, honey-mustard vinaigrette

Bess and I tried to eat a couple bites but the dressing proved to be too intense and overpowering for our palates. Our waiter graciously let us exchange this for the spinach salad which came out in minutes.  If you like citrus you might like it but for me this was a huge thumbs down not to mention false advertising.

Meanwhile we tore into our delicious looking sushi app – The Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

Sweet Potato Roll - japanese barbecue sauce

This roll was bomb! Loved the sweetness of the japanese bbq sauce paired with the vegan tempura battered sweet potato chunks and creamy avocado. Big thumbs up to this unique sushi roll which I would gladly order again.  I love when vegan sushi doesn’t suck!


Our new salad was absolutely delish as well.

Heirloom Spinach Salad - (no cheese) tomatoes, almonds, migas, herb-avocado vinagrette

In fact, this salad was my favorite order of the night, so thank goodness we didn’t end up settling with the brussel situ.  The heirloom spinach was almost kale like (yum!) and seemed to be massaged with the dressing creating a nice wilted texture.  The dressing itself was absolutely to die for – super creamy, a little salty and definitely lick the fork worthy.  Two huge thumbs up for this salad – def a must order at M Street.


For our entrée we split the vegetarian tacos.

Vegetarian Tacos - grilled farmers market vegetables, corn tortillas, guacamole, salsa, and black beans and rice

I loved loved these tacos EXCEPT for one small issue Bess and I now fondly refer to as “the ghost pepper incident.”  Let me preface this by saying Bess and I are NOT spice wimps. In fact I like spicy food a lot. k, keep that in mind. On the plate was one grilled pepper, which we assumed was a mild jalapeno or something like that. We both put our designated half in our self-made tacos. I took a bite and Bess nonchalantly popped the entire pepper/taco roll up in her mouth.  Within seconds we were gasping for air, chugging water, fanning ourselves and stuffing as many corn tortillas as possible in our mouths just to try to combat the hellishly hot fire going on on our tounges. 20 minutes later Bess’ eyes were still watering uncontrollably. WTFFFFFFF. For two people who are self-proclaimed spice lovers, this pepper situation was inedibley spicy.  It was downright hellish.  Other than that (minor inconvenience really ha!) these tacos were bomb.  The veggies were charred and nicely seasoned, the tortillas were hot and fresh and the rice and beans were delish. I would order this again but request that whatever that evil pepper was come nowhere near my dish. Highly suggest you do the same, unless you enjoy not feeling your face.
Overall I really did enjoy my meal at M Street Kitchen.  The service, ambiance and food were all above average and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the dishes we ordered (minus brussels and ghost pepper).  Since there are not many vegan items on the menu other than the ones we tried, I don’t know if I will be rushing back, but M Street is def worth checking out especially if you plan to do a night out on Main Street. 
Your Vegan Girlfriend

Castle Gourmet Dining

This Monday I turned 26. My dear friend Elizabeth (check out her amazing company Closet Rich for the best vintage designer duds here) invited me to a chef prepared 4 course vegan meal with an optional wine pairing at the chef’s home in Los Feliz, a night I knew would be a perfect way to celebrate turning another year older.

Happy bday to me and apparently I'm thanking the vegan gods for this meal...


Anne Lee, a vegan chef and graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute, created Castle Gourmet Dining as a pop-up dining experience, a prepares a festive and unique all vegan menu each month for 12 lucky diners.  Here’s a little more from her website:

“For each meal, Chef Anne Lee combines gourmet techniques and presentation with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables, focused on health but sparing no expense for taste. Menus are carefully selected using the freshest available ingredients, so each menu will be unique based on what fruits and vegetables are in season and bursting with flavor. The dinners are crowd funded, prix fixe, and vegan by design, with seasonal or internationally inspired themes. Invite only dinners ensure each diner is cared for and given five-star treatment in an intimate setting. Dinners are designed not to imitate traditional meat-based dishes but to create new menageries of tastes based on palates of flavor to create familiar but new sensations.”

The theme for her December menu was “A Holiday Winter Feast,” and  feast it was. Here is the menu I had the pleasure of devouring on Monday night:

First: Duo of  Haricot Verte and Cream of Mushroom Soup, layered and topped with Crispy Onions ~ A play on the traditional holiday favorite “Green Bean Casserole.”


Second: Market Fresh Maple Roasted Squash and Winter Vegetable Salad ~  Warm maple roasted squash tossed with the seasonal best from the local farmers market.

Main: Hearty Vegetable Wellington, Sweet Potato Puree, Crunchy Lentils, Reductions of Persimmon and Balsamic.

Dessert: Spiced Apple and Cranberry Crème Brulee, Gingerbread Crisps, Vanilla Crème Fraîche


And wine pairings (aka one red and one white) by Silverlake wines!


I can’t possibly tell you how amazing this dinner experience was because there are not enough words to describe.  I could go on and on about how creamy and playful her soup was, how I begged for the recipe, how perfectly frizzled the brussels were in the salad and how everyone talked about her dressing for days, how beautiful and hearty her puff pastry was, and how decadent and creamy her brulee was and how that gingerbread man got eaten faster than anything on my plate – but it would take a lifetime. Instead I will just say that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend the Castle Gourmet Dining experience. Anne and her husband are lovely as is their home, the other diners were really cool (although brining a bunch of your friends would be the best!), and the food was on a whole notha level good. If Anne had a restaurant in LA I would eat there every day. That good.


Check out more about Castle Gourmet on Anne’s website and sign-up for her news letter! Her next dining experience is prospectively scheduled for the end of January and you KNOW I will be there.  Thanks so much to Anne and Co. for making my bday so special!



Your Vegan Girlfriend




(Note: All photos courtesy of fellow diner Erin Burrell – thanks so much for the great pics!)



Stuff I Eat

I have been hearing about Stuff I Eat for years.  I have many a vegan friend who claims Stuff I Eat is one of the best vegan restaurants they have been to, and vegan ex-blogger quarrygirl (RIP) put it on her “best vegan restaurants in LA” list two years in a row.  Yesterday I finally tried this famous 100% vegan soul food restaurant and boy oh boy did it live up to the hype. When food is this good, it’s worth making the trip for.


Stuff I Eat

114 N Market St
Inglewood, CA 90301

(310) 671-0115

Hours: Tue-Sat 12 pm – 8 pm, Sun 12 pm – 6 pm
Located on a quiet street in Inglewood (super close to LAX), Stuff I Eat is a quiet neighborhood cafe that was pretty empty at 12:30 on a Wednesday.  The decor is casual with a flair: huge funky art pieces adorn the yellow walls and a plush lounge area is nestled the back, creating a relaxed and inviting ambiance.  It sort of feels like you are in your cool friends living room that just happens to have a huge cafeteria like open kitchen attached. 

The view when you walk in

The lounge like area


The staff is SO friendly and accommodating. They let me taste the mock-chicken salad (ummmm it’s absolutely incredible), the carrot un-tuna salad (like nothing I have ever had – so freakin’ delicious I wanted to take some home) and the tofu/wild rice mix (winner, obviously). You guys know how much I love samples so I was already in heaven. After much deliberation, my mom and I decided two share to entrées, half of the soul food platter and half of the enchilada pie. We almost got a third entrée but I heard from friends that portions are HUGE so we decided to wait and see once our food came. (Spoiler: we DEF didn’t need a third entrée. Portions are HUGE!!!!)


Our meal came out pretty quickly and I literally gasped when I saw so much beautiful food arrive at our table.  There was SO much food, bahhhhh!


Organic Soul Food Platter (half platter): Yams, mac 'n cheese, BBQ tofu, kale greens, black eyed pea soup, a cornbread muffin, and your choice of potato salad or coleslaw.


Where to start with this …. let’s start with a OMG and an mmmmmmmmmm. Every single thing on the plate was fantastic. The yams have a cinnamon nutmeg kick and are whipped smooth and served piping hot. The bbq sauce on the tofu is the perfect mix of sweet and savory and the tofu has just the right amount of sauce.  The cornbread muffin is fluffy and just a little sweet – just the way I like it. The kale collard greens were AMAZING and had a little vinegary kick that I loved. The black-eyed peas had a smoky flavor and I ended up drinking the broth – ’nuff said. The potato salad was excellent and I wish there was more – that says a lot considering I hate potato salad and was fighting my mom for the last bite. And the mac and cheese – oh the mac and cheese! This was my favorite thing on the whole plate! No idea what they make their cheese sauce out of but sweet lord I want to bathe in it, I want to swim in it, I want to baptize my unborn children with it. Even though it wasn’t gluten-free I ate the entire thing (my mom hates mac n cheese wtf) and have been thinking about eating it non-stop since. 5 stars, must order OMG go here now.


The woman helping me at the counter kindly allowed me to taste the potato salad and coleslaw even though the dish comes with a choice of either or, and oh my gosh am I glad that she did. The coleslaw is, you guessed it, amazing. Some of the best I’ve had AND it’s purple!


Side of coleslaw - yummmmmm!


The enchilada pie was incredible as well.


Enchilada Pie: corn tortillas layered with a special blend of red tomato sauce, organic corn, vegan cheddar cheese, and organic yellow polenta topped with salsa and organic guacamole. served with organic wild rice and black beans, a mixed green salad, and chips.

The cheesy, melty, bowl of corn in every form all mixed up with a sweet tomato based sauce and Stuff I Eat’s mystery special sauce was pure indulgence. I loved this and mixed my bites with combo forkfuls of rice and beans to create the ultimate flavor-packed bite. The beans and rice were very mild which was a nice contrast to the more seasoned items on the soul food platter. The dressing on the salad was also super-duper good, like lick the fork good. Huge thumbs up.
Despite the larger than life portions, somehow my mom and I managed to eat everything on our plates.  Clearly it was a good idea we didn’t get a third entrée.  Though we didn’t have room for dessert, Stuff I Eat has plenty of both regular and raw vegan options for those who do.  Next time I am so getting the sweet potato pie!
Can’t recommend Stuff I Eat highly enough.  Excellent service, ridiculously amazing food and inventive and unique dishes, SIE doles up some of the best vegan food I have ever had in my life. Believe the hype, Stuff I Eat delivers.
Your Vegan Girlfriend

Vegan Christmas in LA 2011

Now that quarrygirl is gone, someone had to do it, right???


Here are the restaurants offering dope vegan meals on xmas eve and/or xmas day:


Sohjin: (open on xmas and xmas eve)

A Special Christmas Course!!
December 24th and 25th 12pm – 10pm
Click here to see more info!

A Christmas five course dinner for two for $88

This sounds amazing! Click the link to see the full menu …

Follow Your Heart: (xmas eve only)

They have a crazy amazing special xmas menu, check it out:

Gosh I love FYH.


Madeline’s Bistro: (open for Brunch xmas eve)

More info as soon as they put it out! Madeline’s is super far but home of some of the best vegan food I have ever had in my life. Beet Tartare and Bigger Mac fo life! And their brunches are always epic too…. make the donuts!


M Cafe: (take-out for pre-order)

If you wanna take your dinner home, M Cafe is offering a special holiday menu including a special soup, salad, entree and lots of yummy sides.   Check out the full menu here. Orders have to be in by the 22nd at 5 pm so hurry!


Native Foods: (take-out for pre-order)

You can order their Native Totes filled with a full on holiday meal that only requires you to eat and serve. Awesome! Celiacs beware basically everything at Native Foods has gluten, but if you are not, then I would def try their take home Wellington! In each tote you get:


The Native Wellington*

Mushroom Gravy

Coconut Mashed Yams

Fresh Green Bean Casserole

Wheatberry Waldorf Salad

Gingerbread Cheesecake

Pick up is on the 23rd or 24th. More info is here.


Planet Raw: (open xmas eve and xmas)

Planet Raw is open every single day even on holidays so for all you raw foodies out there, hit them up!


Hugo’s: (not sure if they are open but get stuff to go before!)

They have a crazy amazing dinner for 6 take-home box that’s vegan and gluten-free!!! Check out the menu here.


And for all my Jews out there, Follow Your Heart is where it’s at!!! Check out their special menu:




I will update this with more info as soon as I have it! Keep checkin back!!!





Your Vegan Girlfriend





Lares Restaurant

I LOVE Mexican food. Love it. I get a serious hankering for Mexican food every few weeks and last night the vegan Mexi craving struck me once again.  LA doesn’t really have any strictly vegetarian/vegan Mexican restaurants (when are we getting a Gracias Madre, huh?!) but there are plenty of good Mexican restaurants that serve vegetarian/vegan menu items.  My favorite Mexican restaurant by far is Lares, a cute and moderately priced restaurant on the Westside.  Lares has been in business since 1968 and doles up some of the best veggie Mexican options around!  My parents and I had a wonderful meal at Lares last night and I left a very happy vegan camper, per usu. Good vegan Mexican food puts a huge smile on my face, or maybe that’s just the wonder that is Lares.  I wore sweat pants to prepare…



Lares Restaurant

2909 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Neighborhood: Santa Monica

(310) 829-4550

Hours: Mon-Sun 8 am – 1 am

Street view of Lares (photo credit: local research)

Located on Pico Blvd in Santa Monica near the 10 freeway, Lares is a family owned restaurant that has been in business for over 40 years.  There is valet parking right in front, but I always manage to find metered parking without much effort.
There is a less formal downstairs dining area, and a nicer more romantic upstairs dining area which I always prefer. 

Downstairs with a huge full bar (photo credit: buy local market)

Upstairs with lots of booths, tables for large parties and mood lighting (photo credit: buy local market)

The upstairs is absolutely beautiful right now! It’s outfitted with tons of Christmas lights, decorations and a huge sparkly tree. I forgot to snap a pic but trust me it’s magical!
At around 8 pm on Sunday night, my parents and I made our way upstairs and were seated within seconds without a reservation.  Multiple singers and guitar players provided live entertainment which made for the perfect soundtrack for the epic meal we had in store.  Our waiter took our drink orders right away. I stuck with sparkling water but my dad ordered a Pina Colada which Lares makes superbly. Careful, they are strong!
Freshly baked chips  arrived at our table within minutes which they serve with their delicious salsa. If you are a spicy freak you can ask for their hot salsa too – but this one is plenty spicy for me.

Complementary chips and salsa.

We ordered guac to enjoy with the chips before our entrées came which my family gobbled right up.

Guacamole Dip

Lares makes excellent guacamole and last night it did not disappoint! I have to be careful around Lares’ guac, because I could easily eat the entire bowl no problem. I’m like that with all things avocado though, what can I say. Guac is amazing!
For my entrée I ordered the vegetable tostada, which you can get made vegan by simply asking for no cheese. My parents ordered vegetarian entrées – my mom got cheese and onion quesadillas and my dad got cheese and onion red enchiladas. Other vegan menu items include their incredible vegan potato taquitos or tacos, and the vegetable option of tacos, enchiladas, burritos and fajitas – score! The veggie options here are crazy, score!
Our food came out super fast and we all dug in.

Vegetable Tostada - a crispy flour tortilla topped with refried beans, grilled mixed vegetables, shredded lettuce, salsa and guacamole.

This was absolutely to die for! The grilled veggies featured lots of broccoli (my fav!), red and green peppers, onions, zucchini and yellow squash. The beans were amazing and god knows I love that guac! I gobbled this up savoring every vegan bite. I would 100% get this again and highly recommend it.

Another tostada shot - mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm.

I def stole some enchilada sauce and rice from my dad and almost all of my mom’s beans. Sorry guys. Their rice and beans are just too delicious here I couldn’t resist!
I’m not the biggest fan of Mexican desserts in general but I don’t think there are any strictly vegan options here. Not to worry, you will be so full from stuffing your face full of vegan goodies you won’t have room.
Another great meal at Lares in the books. If you are looking for authentic Mexican cuisine that doesn’t break the bank and has tons of veggie options, Lares in the place to be!  Vegan Mexican jonesin’ needs to be fed and fed right and for me, needs to be fed by Lares.  Muchos garcias Lares. Hasta pronto!
Your Vegan Girlfriend

Follow Your Heart

Hi! I have been so mia lately and for that I am sorry! I want to do a series of restaurant posts/reviews on amazing vegan spots I have been to in the past but pre-blog days, and am dying to go back to.  Although I haven’t been in a bit, these are some restaurants all vegans MUST hit up at some point in their LA food careers, so it’s about time I give them some blog love!

Let’s kick this party off with a spotlight on an absolutely incredible cafe that has some of the greatest vegan food in all of Los Angeles: Follow Your Heart Cafe.  Follow Your Heart is an all vegetarian/vegan restaurant and full service market in Canoga Park. That’s right folks, a completely vegetarian grocery store. How cool is that!  The amazing cafe that’s attached serves up some of the greatest vegan sandwiches I have ever tasted in my life and absolutely kills it with their food in general. I need to make the trip to Canoga and get my fix asap!

FYH cafe! (photo credit: city-data)


Follow Your Heart Natural Foods Market & Cafe

21825 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91303

(818) 348-3240

So why is Follow Your Heart so amazing? Well first of all they are home to the world’s best vegan ruben sandwich. Seriously, it’s the most amazing thing I have ever tasted  in my life, and if you haven’t experienced the wonder that is FYH’s ruben then put this on the top of your to do list and do it fast!

The Ruben - Thinly sliced wheatmeat, sauerkraut, mustard and Vegenaise, Thousand Island dressing on oversized rye bread. Offered with Follow Your Heart non-dairy cheese or “cottage-style tofu.” (photo credit: to live and eat in la)

All vegan, absolutely massive, and about as close to bliss in a deli style vegan sandwich form as you’ll ever get. Make sure to order it with the cottage-style tofu FOR SURE – makes all the diff and takes the ruben to a whole notha level.  Eating this ruben with the cottage-tofu (which tastes nothing like tofu mind you) is sort of a religious experience. Trust me when I tell you, you have not lived until you have tried this wonder sandwich.  This thing is absolutely massive, I mean HUGE, so unless you are Man Vs Food-ing it up, be prepared to take half home. This should make any vegan eater in LA’s bucket list.
You can order “The Love Plate” and get half of this beast (a much more manageable portion) with a cup of the vegan soup and your choice of coffee, hot or cold tea, soda or small juice.

more ruben goodness!

In my pre-gluten-free days I used to eat this a lot more, but this is a heavily gluten containing meal, so celiacs beware. I say it’s totally worth the stomach ache to try this once though – sometimes you just gotta live a little. However, there are plenty of gf items at FYH too, so gluten-free eaters fear not!
My other favorite FYH menu item, which is totally gluten-free, is the tempeh tacos.

Organic Tempeh Tacos: Two organically grown, stone ground corn tortilla shells, filled with seasoned, grilled organic tempeh, vegan cheese, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. Served with Spanish rice, black beans guacamole and lime wedges. (photo credit: yelp)

This plate is also huge and extremely filling. Great for when you get a vegan Mexican hankering (which I do and need to have satiated often) and tastes absolutely fantastic. The tempeh is so so good and mildly seasoned and I love their guac! Ole!
Another must order is FYH’s vegan version of the fresh date shake. No clue how it tastes so good but it’s prob the best shake I’ve had in my life.

Fresh Date Shake (photo credit: yelp)

Mmmmmmmm how can vegan ice cream and dates taste this good? Oh wait, no, how can vegan ice cream and dates NOT taste this good. Gah I love this. Super indulgent Tuesdays anyone?
So there you have it! Three of my all time favorite vegan food items I have ever tasted in my life and that I must must make the shlep back to Canoga Park for. Anyone else have favorites from FYH? GOSH I WANT THAT RUBEN!!!!
Your Vegan Girlfriend