I had one of my favorite salads ever last weekend in mid-town New York City. Healthy restaurant chain, Chop’t, is a NYC eatery serving up create-your-own salads and sandwiches, as well as on the menu classic varieties. After an exhilarating afternoon at Bloomie’s, aka your vegan girlfriend’s wonderland, I stopped in for a quick bite to eat, and was absolutely wowed by the amazingly fresh, healthy and delicious meal I ate. Straight up salad heaven ovah here.


photo via chop't's website



165 E 52nd St
(between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10022

(212) 421-2300

The plethora of salad options! (photo credit: suzy says)

Chop’t has a Subway style counter and ordering protocol, and after careful review I decided I would create my own salad with their abundance of fresh vegetable options. I picked out my lettuce (romaine) and “choppings,” which included broccoli, corn, tomatoes, cucumber, hearts of palm, tofu, and oil marinated tomatoes. I eagerly watched the counter dude and “chef” add all my hand-picked ingredients one by one to an enormous salad bowl and then he got to chopping. Not just any knife is used to chop up these salads. No, a huge rounded handled cleaver gets quickly oscilated over your mound of greens. It was so cool to see my salad turn into a chopped masterpiece right before my eyes! There are a huge amount of salad dressings to choose from as well, and I went for the classic balsamic. I paid and dug in!

My custom salad and the complimentary pita bread

Bah was this good! The salad was HUGE and initially I thought “no way can I eat all of this.”  Not so surprisingly, I did. Oh yeah. And loved every single bite.

Salad sans pita - isn't she a beaut!

Love love love this quick, healthy and affordable chain in New York! I wish LA had these – they would do so well!

Another NYC meal success! Can’t wait to share some more!!




Your Vegan Girlfriend


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