Epic Eats in NYC

Hello long lost readers!

I am back from my New York City trip and have so many amazing dining experiences and a bounty of gluten-free pie and tart recipes to share! Before I dive into each experience I wanted to give you all a teaser of my weekend in pictures to get a taste (literally) of what’s to come!

HIGHLIGHTS include…..

This amazing handmade veggie burger in a salad delivered to me in the comfort of my temporary digs for the weekend:

The famed seitan Picata at Candle 79:

An epic gluten-free cranberry apple pie with strussel topping I made all by myself care of The Natural Gourmet Institute:

An incredible “create my own” salad I had before a crazy fun Soul Cycle spinning class:

And the best cold sesame noodles I have ever had from Tang’s Garden on the Upper East Side:

Anddd I’m hungry again just looking at my pics, bah!


Can’t wait to share these wonderful food experiences in-depth and tell you all about my NGI class. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend; it’s good to be back!!




Your Vegan Girlfriend


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