NYC Bound!

The past few weeks have flown by and now I’m off to New York again! This trip, I will be taking a gluten-free baking class at The Natural Gourmet Institute where I will learn the art of gluten-free pies, tarts and quiches! I am so so so excited!

I also have a rezzie at Candle 79 for the weekend, and from what I’ve heard, am in store for some absolutely mind blowing eats.

For those who have been there please let me know the must orders!

It’s gonna be pretty freezing so I plan on heating up with lots of vegan eats! I will try to check in and blog at least once, and I can’t wait to share this sure to be amazing experience!

Hope everyone is having a great week and that you all are getting ready for the holidays vegan style! Can’t believe Thanksgiving day is a week away!!


Your Vegan Girlfriend


9 thoughts on “NYC Bound!

  1. Make sure to get a side platter of plantains! (They’re like caramelized & sweet) and for dessert I HIGHLY recommend the gluten free brownie sundae.. I died, warm brownie on cold ice cream :)I

  2. you MUST go to pure food and wine too! all raw yumminess! best desserts ever!
    at candle 79 i like the seitan piccata..their green jucie/smoothie thing is good too. the chocolate peanut butter bliss for dessert is my favorite. small, maybe pricey, but so worth it. there are sooo many amazing restaurants in nyc..if you are in greenwich village area check out vegetarian paradise 2..get the chicken nuggets..soul chicken i think it’s called. so good! i dont normally eat wheat and soy but when i’m in ny i go all out! have fun!!

    • Ah what amazing recs, thank you do much!!! Def gonna make my non veggie friend get the seitan picada (I don’t normally do gluten heavy entrees but gosh darn it might be worth the stomach ache) … Will try to hit up your other fav spots, I’d not on this trip than next months!!! Xo

  3. The food is truly amazing. Any one who is vegan will find a big variety to choose from. I can say I love one thing more than the other. I highly recommend this restaurant. Even if your not vegan it’s worth a trip to try the food in this restaurant.

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