Current Obsession: WFM Venice’s Sweet Potato Wedges

I think at this point I’m pretty confident that I have fervently established my sick obsession with french fries, sweet potato fries and any kind of fried stick in general. When it comes to indulgences, I’m the kind of girl who would rather have a huge plate of cheese fries than a piece of chocolate cake. Always on the hunt for the perfect fry, I’ve tried french fries at almost every restaurant offering them as well as experimented with making my own baked versions.

WFM Vence wedges > any version I've ever made

If you live in LA and/or don’t feel like making your own fries (which is usually the case ovah here) drive on over to the Whole Foods Market in Venice, where almost every single day and evening they shovel out piping hot sweet potato wedges better than any sweet potato fry I have ever savored in my life. I consider WFM Venice trips a liability at this point, because I can no longer go there without getting a cart-full of these out of the hot bar.

I don't have a good picture but these are exactly what they look like - can't miss em!

Sooooo good SOOOOO! Hands down best sweet potato fries I have ever eaten in my life! Thick cut, golden and not too greasy, WFM Venice’s sweet potato wedges are the empitome of fried perfection.

TWO HUGE (not grease covered) THUMBS UP! Can we pretend these are healthy?? Thanks.


Hope everyone has an indulgent Monday care of these babies!!



Your Vegan Girlfriend


2 thoughts on “Current Obsession: WFM Venice’s Sweet Potato Wedges

  1. If you go to the Health Starts Here bar there, in between the pizza & raw kitchen, they make fat free sweet potato fries! Its like $2.99 for a side. I also highly recommend the Beet Sliders to go along with them!

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