Blockheads Burritos

NYC and Mexican food don’t exactly correlate in my mind. We are seriously spoiled in LA with all the amazing Mexican options and as a result I tend to think of myself as a bit of a Mexican snob. This weekend when my friend gushed about the burritos at Blockheads I was enthusiastically skeptical: love Mexican, love burritos, don’t love being underwhelmed. Well let me tell you guys I might just up and move to NYC to eat this burrito again (hey wait a minute…)


Blockheads Burritos

1563 2nd Ave
(between 81st St & 82nd St)
New York, NY 10028

(212) 879-1999

I can’t comment on the ambiance since I got delivery from this little burrito wonder spot, which let me say, New York really has going for them. If I had a burrito this good that I could conceivably eat without lifting a finger at all times of the night/day here in LA, your vegan girlfriend would probably gain 100 plus pounds of pure burrito. Just sayin. Blockheads also has six NYC locations so really anywhere you are in the city you can get one of these euphoric bad boys.
Blockheads offers several vegan options of their colossus burritos, which are literally the size of a small baby. My friend ordered a regular sized one (which I was literally floored to see the size of) and I ordered their “mini burrito” special (thank goodness): half of a burrito of your choice and a fresh salad. So obvious.
I picked a grilled tofu burrito with vegan cheese that cames stuffed with black beans, brown rice, salsa and veggies. OMFGGGGGGGG was this incredible. The vegan cheese was so melty and the burrito was piping hot just the way I like it. Guys I seriously died and went to burrito heaven. Two huge enthusiastic salsa covered thumbs up. MUST MUST MUST order like fly to NYC right now must order. That good.
They also offer spinach burritos, grilled veggie burritos, three bean chili, bean and rice burritos and more, so you can really rotate your burrito fillings as to not get sick of one combo since you will now be eating here every day.
Still in a NYC/burrito state of mind…
Your Vegan Girlfriend

2 thoughts on “Blockheads Burritos

  1. Hi there Vegan. Thank you for this wonderfule blog! I am actually rhe Personal Assistant of Don and Ken sofer and would love to send you a press release for our new SEVENTH location due to open next week. I know you can help spread the word to our fellow vegan and vegetarian Blockheads. Thanks! xo

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