Healthy Eats at the Airport

I”M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

As you all know I went to NYC for the weekend and I will have fun posts to share about that in the next couple of days. Today I wanted to highlight how to eat healthy whilst traveling, especially for those flying across country. Eating healthy on the go can be a challenge in general but when you are traveling and starving at the airport it’s even easier to make unhealthy food choices. I got to the airport this morning at 6 am. I was starving and knew I had a long long flight ahead of me so I went into one of the grocery-esque shops at JFK in my terminal to check out the goods.


There were lots of vegan friendly snack/energy bars which is always a solid choice in a pinch.

There was also vegan friendly granola and plantain chips, yum!

I finally settled on a bit of a vegan shmorges board if you will, which included some veggies, a Kind Bar, vegan friendly granola and a cultured almond milk yogurt.

With airport options like these there’s no reason to reach for the cookies or unhealthy and non-vegan snacks!


What are everyone’s favorite snacks on the go?




Your Vegan Girlfriend




One thought on “Healthy Eats at the Airport

  1. There is always a California Pizza Kitchen where you can get the smashed pea barley soup (fat free & vegan) and Wendy’s for plain baked potatoes if you want something hot!

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