Impromptu trip to NYC!

This is a quick post to let everyone know I am in NYC this weekend! I wasn’t planning on going until next month, which I still am, but last minute I decided to make a trip…. So today through Monday morning I will be in the Big Apple livin’ it up! Due to access issues (read: not tryin’ to spend vacay typing on the laptop) your vegan girlfriend is gonna take a four day hiatus. Not to fear readers, I will be back with lots of eats and adventures Monday and hopefully some Halloween pictures as well!


Here are some fun ones from Halloween’s past:

Army Chick -- not my finest in the creativity department


Poisin Ivy! I made this costume recycling the one above by hot-gluing leaves all over it. Took forever but I felt super creative and it turned out great. Win.

I love Halloween! Tinkerbell is def gonna use those little green shorts again for her outfit. Love recycling. Can.Not.Wait.


So while I’m gone, make sure to check out vegan mofo for all the latest in vegan eats from around the web! Bon Voyage! (Or wait maybe that’s what you are supposed to say to me ….)




Your Vegan Girlfriend




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