Halloween Recipe Round Up

Another Wednesday another recipe round up! In honor of Halloween festivities this weekend which may include parties for you all, I decided to do a Halloween themed round up post! Here we go!

Manifest Vegan’s Rolled Sugar Cookie Eyeballs

Hannah from Bitter Sweet’s Perfect Pumpkins

Chef Chloe’s Witches Fingers

VegSpinz’s Homemade Lemon Flavored Candy Corn

Vegan Mischief’s Pumpkin Pie with a Spider Web Crust

Fork And Beans’ Graveyard Salad

Isa Chandra from The Post Punk Kitchen’s Peanut Butter Carmel Apples

Weekly Vegan Menu’s Halloween Stuffed Biscuts

Wing-It Vegan’s Happy Vegan Ghosts

Fresh 4 Five’s Pumpkin Crispy Balls

Hardcore Herbivore’s Spider Web Pizza

Novel Eat’s Candy Corn Parfait

Vegan Calling’s Creepy Critter Cupcakes

Chef Chloe’s Haunted Halloween Layer Cake

Lexie’s Kitchen’s Banana Mummy Bites

Happy Go Lucky Vegan’s Spooky Pumpkin Buscuits

Kathy from Lunch Box Bunch’s (via The Family Kitchen) Halloween Cupcakes

Fork and Bean’s Creepy Crudites

VegSPinz’s Fried Wonton Ghosts

G Living’s Raw Vegan Halloween Cookies

Susan from Fat Free Vegan’s Spooky Black Bean Hummus

Go Vegan Meow’s Chocolate Spider Cupcakes

The Spooky Vegan’s Jack-o-lantern Sandwich Cookies

The Girly Girl Army’s Dracula Bite Halloween Cupcakes

Gourmeted’s Mummified Spanakopita

Leane from Healthful Pursuit’s Sugar-Free Frozen Boo-nana Pops

And check out Veg New’s official guide to Vegan Halloween Candy!


Hope everyone is as excited for the one day we all dress up in public as I am! I am going as Tinkerbell this year – putting a little vegan magic into the atmosphere with muh wand. And now everyone has plenty of vegan tricks-n-treats to make!



Your Vegan Girlfriend


11 thoughts on “Halloween Recipe Round Up

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  2. So the Haunted Halloween Layer Cake is the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. I didn’t add any of the frosting (didn’t need the sweetness) but it’s to die for. I made it for my 3 year olds birthday and it’s all she has been talking about for the past two weeks.

    Thank you for rounding up these recipes.

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