Vegan knishes at a WFM near you!

I was at my local Whole Foods Market today (as I am every day) and strolled by some amazing looking samples… uh oh.  I usually loathe sample stations because they are so rarely vegan which means no fun tasting for me. Harumph. Today however, God decided to grace me with not only a vegan sample station but an amazing new vegan find. Klassic Knishes was sampling their dopeness in three flavors: regular potato, mushroom and garlic, and spinach.

The spread of all three flavors

The owner of the company, and his sons, were enthusiastically feeding customers these unbelievably tasty knishes. It was so cool to see a true family run company and even cooler to eat these hot and savory potato nuggets of joy.

My favorite flavor was mushroom and garlic, but you really can’t go wrong with any of these pups. These knishes are fully baked (not fried!) and all you need to do is pop one in the oven, heat and serve! Into it.

These knishes are delicious (it rhymes!) so run to your WFM and get them before your vegan girlfriend buys them all…





Your Vegan Girlfriend




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