Current Obsession: Veggie Chips

I’ve been a snack monster lately, trading in big sit down meals for all day grazin, which is actually my preferred method of food consumption anyways. One of my all time favorite fake-healthy snacks are Whole Foods Market’s veggie chips. You can get these suckahs in the bulk bins or pre-packaged which makes portion control a no brainer.

These veggie chips are so freakin good I refuse to buy them on a regular basis because there is no way in hell I can resist eating every last one the day they are purchased. Do not be fooled – these are NOT a healthy snack: they are deep-fried vegetables. Amazingly, intoxicatingly delicious deep-fried vegetables that is. Carrots, green beans, taro, sweet potato, and zucchini, fried and salted to a goldeny crisp. Holllllly frickin yummmmm are they little bites of heaven. I think if Jesus and unicorns had a baby these would be them. They are basically vegan crack. CRACKKKKKK I say!! So BEWARE ya’ll – bet you can’t eat just one (serving) (slash the entire bag).




Your Vegan Girlfriend


3 thoughts on “Current Obsession: Veggie Chips

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  2. No kidding. Veggie chips were on sale for $5.99 lb. at Sunflower Farmers Market this week. So I bought some thinking they might be healthy. Decided to check out nutritional info since they were so delicious, that led me to your site. I’m gonna have to hide these from myself after I eat a few more that is.

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