Apple Recipe Round Up

Last week’s Pumpkin Recipe Round Up was  a huge success. I received a ton of great feedback and being the ego driven blogger I am, I knew roundup Wednesdays had to become a regular gig.  And so this week I bring to you Apple Recipe Round Up!!! – All my favorite and drool worthy seasonal apple recipes perfect for fall. Let’s get started!


Allyson from Manifest Vegan made these crazy inventive Apple Nachos

Isa Chandra from Post Punk Kitchen’s sweet and salty Apple Pretzel Drop Cookies

Kathy from Lunch Box Bunch’s Apple Dumpling Cinnamon Rolls

The Jolly Fox’s Apple Cheddar Hand Pies

AND her Apple Rosemary Pie with Vanilla Walnut Crust

Angela from Oh She Glows’ gluten-free Apple Crunch Muffins

The Sweetest Vegan’s Apple Fritters (it’s a video!)

Ricki from Diet Dessert & Dogs’ sugar-free Carmel Ice Cream with Apple-Cinnamon Topping

Wing-It Vegan’s Gingery Apple Quinoa

Lindsay of Happy Herbivore’s Apple Crisp Muffins

Ashley and Stephen from (never home)maker’s Apple Oat Bars

Manifest Vegan’s REEEEEEDIC looking Apple Pie Cheesecake (which has been bookmarked on my browser for ages)

Jennifer from It Aint Meat, Babe’s Pie Day Pie Day Pie Day Apple Pie

Victoria from The Pursuit Of Hipiness’ Apple Breakfast Pizza

Jennifer and Jacklyn from Sketch-Free Vegan’s gluten-free Quinoa Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Cake

Vegan Chicks Rock’s Julia Child’s Apple Tart

The Gluttinous Vegan’s Apple Carmel Upside Down Cake

Joel from Vegan Good Eats’ Cashew Butter Apple Waffles

Susan from Fat Free Vegan’s Apple Cranberry Strudel Pie

Trudy from Veggie Num Num’s Apple Walnut Risotto

Amie from The Healthy Apple’s gluten-free Apple Butter Cornbread

Healthy Kitschy Vegan’s Apple Pie Hummus

Susan from Rawmazing’s Raw Apple Pie

Leanne from Healthful Pursuit’s Candy Apple Macaroons

Gena from Choosing Raw’s Butternut Squash and Apple Soup (raw and cooked versions)

Meet The Shannon’s unreal Apple Churros

Jess from Cupcakes and Kale’s Salted Carmel Cupcakes with Apple Filling

The end!

Hope you all enjoyed this recipe round up. I can’t wait to try out some of these insane looking recipes!!! Any ones I missed???




Your Vegan Girlfriend


20 thoughts on “Apple Recipe Round Up

  1. I wish I would have seen this two weeks ago when I had 20 pounds of apples!!! I’m gonna check out this pumpkin round-up to finish off my pumpkin puree, thanks!!

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  3. Loving this post. Thank you for the blog love and for spreading the praise of the glorious apple. I really want to make the Apple Pie Cheesecake too–group project? Bess and I have had cheesecake food coma success in the past.

  4. There is nothing that says Fall like a nice warm apple pie. I have found a great way to make this all time favorite even better. Personal peices of pie:) All you do is make your pie as normal but instead of it getting put inot a pan to bake you simply put the shell and stuffing into a cupcake pan. Only 6 are allowed at a time for spill over. This way there is no cutting and everyone gets just the right size/hand held peice of apple pie:)

  5. Thank you for your post, I was sad that my family was not able to make it to the apple orchard this year. Instead I ended up buying one of the bags and using that to do some baking. This years apple treat was apple /oatmeal cookies..I think they would have done better if I put in some walnuts though. Either way they were a good treat to add to the pile of recipies:)

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