Spork Foods – Vegan Cooking Classes in WeHo are a MustGo

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Spork Foods cooking class in West Hollywood, led by sisters Jenny and Heather. Spork Foods provides all organic, vegan and sometimes gluten free cooking classes with different themes offered each weekend. Classes are offered at 11:00 am and 4:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Since the same class is offered 4 times per weekend, this makes for a super intimate class experience ensuring a lot of person attention and one on one time. Each class is $65 per student and you can sign up on their website.

Spork Foods

7494 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 302
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Neighborhood: West Hollywood

(323) 512-5544


Jenny and Heather in action

I picked a weekend where the Spork sisters were offering a “Jewish Comfort Foods” themed class. Heather and Jenny are so bubbly and knowledgable which is HUGE. They make their cooking demos super fun and interactive, allowing each student ample time for hands on cooking experience. I rolled dough the dough for kinishes which really helped me to learn how to do it beyond just a demo!


It was so cool to meet like-minded vegan enthusiasts in a classroom setting. I met a new amazing friend who blogs at The Jolly Fox – a blog you must check out asap cause this girl makes the most ridic donk ish – as well as a bunch of other vegan interested women. Connecting over food is the jam. The classes are designed for all levels so don’t be intimidated if you don’t have cooking experience or you aren’t vegan. Everyone is welcome 🙂 At the end of the class we all sat down at their gorgeous New York loft inspired dining room table and enjoyed our delicious creations!


In my class I learned how to make:

Mock Chopped Liver…

Mock Chopped Liver

Which we enjoyed with veggies and gluten free crackers to dip…

Spinach and potato knishes, which we all helped to make…


Sweet Noodle Kugel along with vegan cottage cheese…

Best kugel ever (and it was gluten free!)

Chocolate DIpped Coconut Macaroon

I had such an amazing time at this cooking class and I will DEF be going back for several more. I can’t praise Spork enough, seriously. So what are you waiting for … get cookin!




Your Vegan Girlfriend



3 thoughts on “Spork Foods – Vegan Cooking Classes in WeHo are a MustGo

  1. Loved this class! And so awesome meeting you. I have met so many wonderful, lovely ladies through Spork it’s cray cray. Thank you so much for the blog love. Please let’s make a gluten free feast soon. I have some yummy Thanksgiving recipes for GF cranberry cornbread and pumpkin mousse that I must share with you!

  2. SO SAD I MISSED THAT CLASS. Oppps hit caps and I am to sleepy to fix. I have met great people in that cooking class. Glad you had a great time maybe I’ll meet you soon in a future class.

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