Vegan Deep Dish Pizza at Fresh Brothers

Whatchu know bout Giordano’s? When I attended Northwestern University in Evanston IL, I knew a whole freakin lot about Giordano’s. If you’re not familiar, Giordano’s is the premier pizza restaurant famous for their authentic Chicago style dip dish pizza pies. Literally pies… Stuffed with cheese, then sauced on top, this pizza is not for thin crust lovers or the faint of heart. One deep dish slice is like eating 4 normal pizza slices. Guess I know who to blame for the freshman 15.


Since leaving Northwestern, and subsequently becoming vegan, I have not indulged in any deep dish pizza whatsoever. I thought the combo of no longer living in Chicago plus being vegan would mean I would never again get to enjoy a cheesy pie of Italian goodness. Last night I discovered a restaurant in Marina Del Rey that proved me oh so wrong.


Fresh Brothers

4722 1/2 Admiralty Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Neighborhood: Marina Del Rey

(310) 823-3800

photo cred: quarrygirl

Located in a super nice stretch of a mini mall, Fresh Brothers is a fast and casual joint. Not big on ambiance, the interior of Fresh Brothers lends itself to a quick bite for lunch more than a sit down dinner.
There is a lovely outdoor patio but it was too chilly to sit outside, so my family and I opted to wait for our food indoors.
When I looked at their menu at the counter, I may or may not have screamed “holy Giordano’s ghost of pizza!” … or something super awk of the same nature. Where have you ever heard of a personal deep dish pizza before let alone a vegan one. SUpah exciting stuff.
I ordered a personal deep dish pizza made with daiya cheese and added some of my favorite toppings, as well as a chopped salad. All of that came in a combo for less than ten bucks. FTW, amazing.
My salad arrived in a “to go” like plastic container and I quickly dug in.

Farmer’s Market Salad - A fresh mix of broccoli, corn, carrots, celery, cucumber, green pepper, mushrooms, onions & peas blended with choice of spring mix or romaine.

I asked for my salad to be tossed and chopped (which the counter person offered when she took my order), which seriously made the world of a diff. This salad was pretty fantastic. Super fresh veggies, amazingly tangy Italian dressing and loads of each vegetable in every bite. Big thumbs up. I would def order this again since getting a good salad at a super casual pizza place is a downright miracle. Seriously.

Next came my personal pizza. Let me preface by saying that the deep dish pizza is not gluten free, which is usually a deal breaker for me. Fresh Brothers does in fact make a gf thin crust pizza but I couldn’t resist eating deep dish vegan pizza for the first time in my life. I decided the potench stomach ache was worth it and ordered away. Sometimes you gotta live a little.

7" Vegan Cheese Pizza with onions, olives and mushrooms

When the pizza came I was initially a little disappointed to see that the cheese was on top and not inside of the pie, like the traditional version of Chicago deep dish pizza, but my attitude completely changed once I took a bite. Holy yum! Granted anything smothered in melted daiya tastes like God, this pie took it up a notch. The sauce was perfectly flavored, the toppings inside the pie were fresh and abundant and the crust was thick and lightly baked. The crust isn’t oily whatsoever and reminded more of a bread stick than a traditional heavily oiled pizza crust. My one qualm is that the crust is a little bland and undercooked as it was a tad doughy in the middle. Healthy yes but super flavorful no. Overall this pizza gets a thumbs up but my heart still belongs to Giordano.

Due to my subsequent stomach ache from eating wheat (when will I learn!?) I wouldn’t order this again, but if you don’t have an ish with gluten than by all means dig in.


Although Fresh Brothers isn’t the number one most amazing pizza I’ve eaten, it is vegan and it is deep dish, and it’s absolutely tasty and satisfying. Def worth a try. For any vegan who thought they would never eat deep dish again, I say “forgit aboud iddddd.”




Your Vegan Girlfriend


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