My Favorite Dairy Substitutes

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to do something different and give you guys a dairy substitute 101 post to clue you into my fav milk free products I simply cannot live with out. Let’s get started!


1. Earth Balance

Earth Balance is a vegan butter substitute that tastes just as buttery and delicious as the dairy version with a consistency that matches to boot. It comes in a variety of options such as Whipped, Soy Free, Olive Oil and Original. You can buy Earth Balance in the tub or even in sticks, making recipe subbing a sinch. No excuse to use butter ever again!


2. Daiya Cheese

This is my jam. Daiya cheese is made from pea protein so it’s completely soy free too! This vegan cheese stretches, melts and tastes freakishly like real cheese. It comes in shreds and at WFM you can buy it in blocks as well, so you can easily slice it up for sammies. It comes in cheddar, mozzarella and pepper jack flavors. I’m obsessed with this cheese… any dish is better with Daiya. Period, amen.


3. Vegenaise

Vegenaise is the best mayo sub out there. This much much healthier version of mayo comes in a variety of versions, but I use reduced fat. If you are opposed to using soy they have a Grapeseed Oil version that’s amazing and completely soy free.


4. Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese

Tofutti makes the best cream cheese ever. The texture is spot on and the flavor is mild and creamy. It also comes in french onion and chive flavors, but I always stick with the plain. Bagels never looked so good.


5. So Delicious Coconut Yogurt

My favorite yogurt hands down. Soy free and so tasty, I love every flavor of this amazing creamy yogurt. If you are doing a no/low sugar thing get the plain and add a couple drops of stevia and cinnamon and enjoy a dessert like yogurt guilt free!


6. 365 Unsweetened Almond Milk

My favorite almond milk hands down (and I’ve tried them all). I go through 2 huge things of these in 5 days minimum. And a bit of stevia and make this a sweet treat! I prefer almond milk over soy and rice for it’s mild flavor and low calorie content (40 per 8 oz). Use this as a sub for any recipe that calls for milk or enjoy straight up or over cereal. Yaom!


7. Follow Your Heart Gourmet Vegan Sour Cream

Thick and creamy this non-dairy version tastes just like the original. Amazing on any vegan Mexican inspired dish or atop baked potatoes.


8. Purely Decadent Cookie Dough Ice Cream

I’ve raved about my sick obsession with this ice cream before, but incase you missed it, this is the best vegan ice cream in de world. I could eat this by the boatload … and do. Whoops.


9. So Delicious No Sugar Added Chocolate Ice Cream

If you’re feeling less indulgent but still craving a sweet fix, this ice cream is where it’s at. Only 100 calories a serving, this no sugar dessert leaves you satisfied without the guilt of devouring an entire pint of cookie dough (see above).

10. Enjoy Life chocolate chips

For all of your baking needs, this brand delivers in taste without the usual added milk in their dreamy milk chocolatey chips. Stop! It’s cookie time.


So there you have it. My favorite dairy free subs that makes eating, baking, and indulging vegan easy as 1, 2, 10.



Your Vegan Girlfriend


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