Bawarchi – Samosa House just got dethroned for best Indian food

After I posted about Samosa House being the best Indian restaurant in LA my friend Aaron told me I was  flat out wrong. He raved about Bawarchi having even better vegan options and much tastier dishes. Obviously, I considered this a direct challenge and went on assignment to Bawarchi asap.

Bawarchi Indian Kitchen

10408 Venice Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 836-8525

Located in a minimart on busy Venice Blvd, Bawarchi is a bit of a hole in the wall. The tiny restaurant only seats about 20 and looks more like a cafeteria than a place to sit down and eat your meal. That being said, as soon as you walk in you are overwhelmed by the multitude of buffet style choices right in front of your face.
With about three times the amount of options as Samosa House, I got pretty excited right off the bat.
I waited in line and ordered from the man dressed in full Indian garb including a turban dishing out my food.
I was so thrilled with the abundance of exciting choices like soy chicken tikka masala, soy vindaloo, curry tofu and more. Not only were their great veggie based options but they offered traditional meat dishes gone vegan as well.
I tried to ask the counter server for recommendations because unlike Samosa House there are no free tastes. He bristly replied “I can’t recommend it’s whatever you like.” Hmm not the friendliest staff (much like Samosa) but you clearly don’t come here for the service. I followed my instincts and grumbling tummy and ordered way more than was appropriate for one.
I ordered two separate sites of their lotus root and jack fruit because I was so obsessed with these dishes when I got them at Samosa House and wanted to compare. (Side note: haven’t seen the lotus or jack fruit at Samosa since and I have been their numerous times… one point Bawarchi).
I also ordered their lunch special which gets you a ridiculous amount of food for about 9 bucks. You get three sides from the buffet, a choice of plain of veggie rice and a choice of plain or garlic naan and a side salad. Holy bajeeeezus! I subbed an extra side for rice/bread to go.

Lunch special with 4 sides: (from clockwise left) saag with corn, soy chicken tikka masala, chana masala, soy lamb vindaloo

I loved almost everything I ate.
The saag with corn was the only thumbs down for me. Compared to the rest of the food it was incredibly unseasoned (shocking for Indian food) and the texture was a little off.
The chicken tikka masala blew my damn mind. I actually screamed when I bit into it because my teeth hit what I thought was a “bone” but it turned out to be a stick the “chicken” was on. That was a close one. It was so creamy and delicious and I used to love tikka masala anything so enjoying it again was such a treat.
The chana masala was also incredibly delish, spicy as in heavily spiced but not as in spicy hot. Yum.
The lamb vindaloo was also tasty but maybe missing the same oomph the masala dishes had. The real winners for me were of course my two side orders.

Jackfruit and Lotus Root

I don’t even know how to describe these two. Perfect and amazing is pretty much all I got. MUST ORDERSSSS!


Hands down my new fav Indian spot…. winner winner soy chicken tikka masala dinner!!!! If you haven’t been and want some incredible vegan Indian food, Bawarchi’s got it goin on.



Your Vegan Girlfriend


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