SEED BISTRO – brand new upscale vegan dining in Brentwood

This past week I had the pleasure of checking out the brand spankin’ new upscale vegan restaurant, SEED BISTRO, in Brentwood with the lovely Bess of I Dream Of Greenie. After our uber successful Cafe Gratitude outing, we became fast friends, espec since we have the exact same food preferences and tastes. Love it. The exec chef and owner of Seed Bistro, Eric Lechasseur, served as a private chef to a mayjah celebrities like Sting, Madonna, and Tobey Maguire (okay so maybe he’s not so mayjah anymore… but you get the idea) so clearly he must be doing something right.  This is Eric’s second Westside restaurant, his first being Seed Kitchen in Venice, which I sadly am not a big fan of. Therefore, I had mixed feelings going into this dinner: super excited that another fancy vegan restraurant hit the Westside, but nervous because I disliked the Seed Kitchen in Venice so much. Either way me and Bess came hungry and were ready to see if this upscale eco-friendly restaurant would make our picky palates sing.



11917 Wilshire Blvd West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 am – 2 pm, Mon-Sat 5:30 pm – 10 pm

Located on a pretty unexciting strip of Wilshire Blvd near Barrington, Seed doesn’t exactly allow you to continue your evening the neighbirhood. I just feel like this would be so much better on Abbot Kinney or Main St and get a hellauva lot more patrons. However, Seed’s whole vibe more than makes up for its less than preferable location.

There's chef Eric in the red hat!

Seed Bistro features something no other vegan restaurant in LA can claim: an omakasae style tasting menu Chef Eric will provide to six lucky diners each night. For our first experience there, Bess and I decided against it, but I would def be down to try it in the future. It sounds incredible.

Seed def delivers on ambiance. From the lanterns, curved walls, mood lighting, and mellow vibe, this would be the perfect date night spot. The staff is incredible at Seed. The host, waitress and chef are all so accomidating, friendly and knowledgable. LOVED everyone who served us and aided in our dining experince that night.

The menu isn’t huge, but it boasts several raw and cooked specialties. There is also a specials menu written on the huge chalk board overhead. Bess and I opted to split several things (yes!) and started with a side of burdock root.

Burdock Kimpira - shredded burdock root with carrots and seasame seeds

We both loved this dish. Simple, clean and delicious burdock that had a lovely marinade. I would totally get this again as a side. Next came one of the daily specials: the tempeh sushi.

Tempeh Sushi Special

I LOVED this roll. Seriously Shojin good. The flavors were light and smooth, and the spicy tunaesque tempeh was creamy and mild. If this is a special def get it. Amazing! Next up we shared two salads, the Cesar and the Seaweed.

Baby romaine caesar salad, pepitas, tomato, cashew cheese

The presentation of this salad was so shamncy – gotta love when the food looks just as good as it tastes. This is a great vegan cesar and I highly reccommend it. I didn’t go crazy for this dish but it was good. Bess LOVED it.

Three seaweed salad, bean sprouts, soy ginger

I can only describe this salad in the words of Bess “it tastes like Abercrombie and Fitch cologne.” We a. couldn’t stop laughing because it was seriously the most accurate description of the mystery flavor that overwhelmed this dish (apparently yuzu??), and b. def couldn’t eat it. Our lovely waitress quickly whisked it away and brought us the menu so we could choose something else. Obviously, stay away from this one. Next up we shared two entrees.

Stuffed shiitake, millet, fresh vegetables, romesco sauce

This may be my new favorite vegan dish ever. OMFGGGGGGGGG I loved this. The romesco sauce (which is a red pepper cream) was brilliant. The millet was perfectly seasoned, just the right amount of salty and the mushrooms were out of this world. Cooked to perfection and drenched in flavor, I could eat those mushies all day every day. the asparagus was also amazing as were he bed or caramelized onions the dish rested upon. BAHHHHHH must must order. This is gonna go on my vegan bucket list I plan to compose soon.

Polenta Special - polenta triangles, kale and chunky marianara sauce

The other entrée Bess and I split was one of their specials. I liked but didn’t love this dish. I actually thought it was a bit under seasoned. The kale in it was totally bomb (sorry for hogging it all B) but the polenta and sauce were just okay. I wouldn’t order this again but it was still pretty good. Not my fav but not bad. Even tho we were stuffed we knew we couldn’t leave without trying a dessert. The menu, though small, was calling our name.

Even though I had no idea what nougatine was (it’s like brittle btw) I knew it was calling my name.

Chocolate mousse terrine with pistachio nougatine

Yaoooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmm. This was incredible and again so gorgeously presented. Loved getting a bite with all the components and sauce. Chocolate party in my mouth. All in all I loved my experience and meal at Seed Bistro. I think the dishes are a bit overpriced (18ish dollars a pop) but for a fancy vegan dining experience, especially with the rent in Bwood, I’ll take it. Five stars, two thumbs up, and I can’t wait to go back and try more. Run on over to Seed before everyone else discovers this brand new gem.




Your Vegan Girlfriend


One thought on “SEED BISTRO – brand new upscale vegan dining in Brentwood

  1. Such an accurate review… I was gonna say that I don’t remember what the kale tasted like…maybe I was too into swigging the Sauv blanc to get rid of the yuzu intruder in my mouth?

    Love eating with someone with such a similar palate and will definitely be back to try more of this delicious food!

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