Labor Day Eats at RFD!

Yesterday two of my lovely vegan(ish) friends and I had a wonderful dinner at Real Food Daily in Santa Monica. I’ve blogged about my love of this amazing and gourmet vegan restaurant before (in this post) and sadly haven’t been back since. So when my two friends and I were driving around Venice and Santa Monica last night like crazy people, trying to find something that was vegan friendly and OPENED on Labor Day, we called good ole RFD and all of our prayers were answered. Open and a fan fav of my company – score.

Elizabeth (@elizabethkott) moi (@yourvegangf) and Aaron (@aaronkazander) - about to grubbbbb

When we took a gander at their specials menu it was pretty clear one very special mr. needed to happen. Heads up: RFD rotates their specials weekly, with one main course and the dessert menu month stable.  The weekly main dish special that they began serving yesterday was a bbq tofu and mushroom sandwich that sounded INSANE.  Elizabeth, better know as ESK, had the genius idea of ordering it in a spinach wrap. She’s a thinker that one… this is why we’re friends. We also got their famous lentil walnut pate and the enchiladas….. shit was about to get real. Thank goodness for splitsies.

Our food came out super fast and our waiter was lovely per usu. We started with the lentil walnut pate app:

LENTIL-WALNUT PATÉ WITH TOFU SOUR CREAM - Wheat-free rice sesame crackers, carrots, celery

This beast and the sea cake are my two favorite appetizers on the menu. RFD’s pate is the king of rock in terms of dips.  Creamy and savory with a refreshing drizzle of sour cream. It’s super filling due to the nut content though, so this is not something to man on your own. ESK and Aaron were going crazy for it, clearly. Gonna go ahead and say it’s a must order.

Next we dug into the special (skjbdaflkjshfg;uieshjgfiawjg I was so excited…)

HOT TIME IN THE LATE SUMMERTIME - BBQ tofu and mushroom sandwich (in a spinach wrap), black-eyed pea and rice salad, grilled vegetables, pickled beets

This was the best wrap I have ever had in my life hands down. If you live in LA get off your ass and go to RFD and order this before it goes off the menu in a week. No joke this is life changing amazing. From the perfect bbq sauce marinated tofu, the meaty portobello, and the coleslaw right inside the sammie – this was of the charts. We all were in vegan heaven. The sides it came with were pretty good too. I liked the black-eyed pea and rice salad more than the boring veggies, but I think that’s because the wrap was so good that anything else just paled in comparison. BAHHHH EAT THIS NOW!!!!! I will obviously be back this week to get this again. YUM!!!!!!!!!

EL BANDITO ROJO WHEAT & GLUTEN FREE - Corn enchiladas, seasoned tempeh, salsa roja, spanish rice, black beans, pico de gallo, tofu sour cream, guacamole

This is one of my absolute favorite orders at RFD. It never disappoints. The enchilada sauce and tempeh filling just make my heart (and stomach) sing out in joy.  Crowd pleaser. If you are new to vegan dining this is a must order. Never not good.

We all loved dinner….. a lot.

hungry hungry hippies

Once again RFD wins. Gashhhhh I love it here. Please go this week and get that damn special. Seriously, you will thank me (and you may do so through a gift certificate to RFD … just sayin’)



Your Vegan Girlfriend


One thought on “Labor Day Eats at RFD!

  1. These dishes look really delicious. They also look like they are very healthy (nutrient dense). Too bad I did not know about this while growing up. Since I had a rich grandfather that was like a father to my brother and I, we ate out at restaurants 4 or 5 nights a week! Now I am vegan but growing up I loved eating meat more than anyone that I knew. For a while I was on a filet mignon kick and every time we went to a restaurant, I would get filet mignon. The rule of our family with food, was to ignore the price of the food.

    Part of the problem with our country today is that Americans spend less than 10% of their income on food. Try to get organic food since that is the only way to make sure that it is not genetically modified (GMO), irradiated and loaded with pesticides and other nasty chemcials.

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