California Vegan – Westside Vegan Thai

Another day another vegan Thai place. You all know I am not the hugest fan of vegan Thai, but sometimes it has to be done. It’s quick, convenient, and most places deliver. So when I wasn’t feeling my best last night I decided to order in from one of the vegan Thai places that deliver to me, California Vegan in Brentwood.

California Vegan

12113 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 207-4798
Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am – 10:30 pm, Plus delivery
Located in a strip mall on Santa Monica and Wilshire, Cal Vegan is actually one of the more decent dine in Thai restaurants. As a new vegan I used to come here a lot actually, but since discovering the plethora of better vegan options in LA, I never go when dining out anymore.  If I’m actually going to leave my house it’s not going to be to eat vegan Thai, so I only order Thai delivery when it’s an emergency. Feel not so great and wanting to stay in bed apparently qualified.
I ordered and they took only 30 minutes to deliver which is pretty fast. I was pleased about their punctuality and eagerly dug in. Usually I am sufficiently satisfied with the quality if the food at California Vegan but this past meal I was seriously underwhelmed.
I was feeling in an unhealthy mood so I ordered french fries and Pad See Ew with soy chicken for din. Carb/Grease Fest 2011, I know. But sometimes you gotta do it up.

French Fries well done and Pad See Ew with soy chicken - flat rice noodles sautéed in house special sauce with broccoli.

My fries were cold. And not very good. I ate them anyways. Weh.

Cold french fries - ugh

The Pad See Ew was okay, but the sauce I remember loving so much just wasn’t doing it for me. I always order my Pad Se Ew with extra broccoli otherwise they will seriously skimp out, so after I ate the broccoli out of the dish I was left with greasy under seasoned noodles and fake chick chick. Again, ate it anyways but wasn’t doing my happy dance while I did. (And if you have ever eaten with me you know this famed happy food dance is very alive and well).

Pad See Ewwwwwww not ordering this again (sorry for blurry pic)

Previously I have ordered the orange chicken, which is pretty decadent and tasty at most vegan Thai restaurants, as well as the pineapple fried rice. Other safe bets are usually the lentil loaf, dumplings and for dessert, sticky rice with mango.

Sadly this most recent experience left me less than impressed. When I feel like eating junk food I at least want it to be worth it! This wasn’t. Gotta find a new naughty place that delivers…. shucks.
Hope everyone’s long weekend is going well! I am feeling better today but have been fighting something lately. So not fun. Not so normal to eat greasy food when you’re feeling under the weather so maybe I’ll stick to healthier fare today…. wait but it’s a holiday weekend!!!! I’ll take any excuse to pig out apparently… brownies for lunch?? Whatever, don’t mind if I do…
Your Vegan Girlfriend

2 thoughts on “California Vegan – Westside Vegan Thai

  1. Glad your feeling better!
    I recently tried your eggplant pesto and loved it! Added some socca bread and roasted garlic and did my own happy dance! (:

    Can I just say thank the lord you eat “junk” food? Life is short, who cares if we want some greasy french fries! They seriously make you feel better!! (:

    • Word sister. I can’t be so healthy all the time! French fries are seriously the cure all for feeling bad (or being in a bad mood hahaha!).

      So glad you like the eggplant pesto! I wanna try your socca bread! Do you have a recipe?? Share!!


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