Leaf Organics – high raw vegan fare on the Westside

I’ve been going to Leaf for years. It’s fast, it’s decent and it’s right by my house, so when I don’t feel like cooking/prepping and I want to enjoy a meal-sized salad and/or app I head over to this little vegan and mostly raw restaurant on the Westside. Leaf used to be an all raw restaurant and I loved hitting it up for weird croquette creations over enormous salads, such as their Bombay Burrito. They shuttered for a while but reopened not to long ago, this time serving both raw and cooked items. Nowadays Leaf is okay. It’s good sometimes even, but consistently nothing to write home about. Not the standard of food that I get supah excited about. Despite not loving it there, last week my family and I decided to give it another try. Here’s what went down…

Leaf Organics

11938 W Washington Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – 9 pm

Leaf isn’t huge on ambiance. You order at the counter and the waiter/waitress brings you your food. You even self-serve your own water, napkins, and utensils. The staff that takes your order tends to me hit or miss as well. Sometimes super friendly and knowledgable and sometimes seem like you are inconveniencing them, super tudey or worse yet don’t really speak English (thank god that Russian weirdo is gone).

The space is small and if there is more than one customer at a table it can get really loud. This past visit the waitress actually spent a good 20 minutes chatting it up with the dude eating next to us about her struggles as a performance artist and how talented she is. I wanted to slit my wrists. Especially since during her gab fest she failed to notice that my salad was sitting at the counter ready to be served for a good 5 plus minutes. Ugh.

The rawk-n-roll sampler platter is usually a safe bet when you first try Leaf. It features a little but of everything from their app menu, and you know how I love to taste as many things as poss. Even though my family didn’t order it this time around we have enjoyed it in the past. The cali rolls are my favorite part of the platter with the kreme cheeze ranking as a close second.

Raw and Roll Sampler - guac, hummus, cashew kreme cheeze w/ kale or corn chips & spicy california rolls

On my most recent visit I ordered my go-to south of the border salad. Previously, for my main meal, I have been a fan of the kale salad, and when I’m feeling really weird, the “mac and cheese,” which is really just a huge package of kelp noodles smothered in spirulina cashew sauce.  Do NOT get this and expect it to taste anything like regular cheesy noodles, it does not whatsoever and it’s quite the acquired taste. Most people actually don’t care for it at all but I’m weird apparently. My parents decided to try Leaf’s cooked entrees and got the veggie burger sans bun and the cheese steak lavash wrap. After what seemed like a surprisingly long wait considering we were one of two tables, our food arrived.

South of the Border Salad - chili mix of beans, "sour cream", guacamole, pico de gallo, marinated onions, cilantro, mixed greens, tomatoes and sprouts

I loved my salad, loved the dehydrated corn chips it comes with and the abundance of sprouts. It’s a solid order and if you end up at Leaf I highly recommend this. Safe bet, never lets me down.


My mom’s veggie burger was probably the worst thing I have ever tasted from leaf. It’s their fusion burger made from soy, that she ordered sans bun, and it was the most bland, boring and dry piece of shit I have ever tasted.

Sad veggie burger not even worth describing cause it was so gnarly

Inedible bad. Send in back bad. Never come here again bad. Clearly, DO NOT GET THIS. Uck I felt so bad for poor mama.

My dad enjoyed his cheeze steak lavash wrap but I had a bite and thought it was nothing special.

Philly Cheeze Stake Lavash - Soy Beef Strips w/ melted vegan cheeze, marin. onions, spicy sour kreme, cashew kreme cheeze, sauerkraut, tomato & spring mix.

My mom ended up eating some too and she also enjoyed it. I think they were both just hungry.  I honestly could make a better version at home with packaged gardein, diaya and an eziekiel wrap. Not into it.

Leaf has new vegan soy free agave free froyo which I almost screamed I was so excited to try. Froyo is my jam. Sadly, like most things at Leaf, it was a huge disappointment.

Chocolate and vanilla soft serve

The vanilla was fair but the chocolate was down right gross. Sweetened with coconut crystals, the texture of this so-called ice cream was grainy and bizarre. Kind Kreme till the day I die.

I’ve previously had the chocolate raspberry pie, which is pretty darn amazing, but also the densest, most filling, and I’m sure not so great for you, indulgence. If you are feeling crazy decadent I would get it, but be prepared to eat a mountain of super heavy rich fudge. A splitsies order fo sho.

Chocolate Raspberry Pie

When I first started coming to Leaf I loved it. Now every time I go back I am more and more disappointed with the quality of the food, service and my overall dining experience. Don’t think I’m going to be returning anytime soon. If you do find yourself at Leaf order the sampler, south of the border salad, and chocolate raspberry pie. And get it to go.


Your Vegan Girlfriend


5 thoughts on “Leaf Organics – high raw vegan fare on the Westside

  1. I’ve had the cheesesteak too… I thought it was awful. I gave it to my garbage disposal boyfriend and he wouldn’t even eat it!

  2. Hey There My Vegan GF!

    Love your posts! In regards to above, I am not so sure about Leaf either- have never really enjoyed a good dining experience. I am however, REALLY hoping to find a good Raw Vegan resturant on the west side. Please help me! There is a new chef on the Boardwalk at The Fruit Gallery.
    I would love to hear your awesome opinion about its cuisine. Hey, I would even love to take you there! Let me know and it’s a date! 🙂

    Love Lux*

  3. I totally loved Leaf way back in the day, also for those outrageous croquette combos over a ginormous salad.

    But the last time I went, I was so underwhelmed, I forgot the restaurant still exists.

    And if you are gonna do vegan soft serve, you best go hard or go home!! I am going off of what I see in the picture (and the fact that we have a similar taste palate) and it looks disappointing…

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