Hugo’s AMAZING August vegan specials

Since moving from WeHo to Santa Monica my trips to Hugo’s have become pretty sporadic. You all may remember my overwhelming enthusiasm about this vegan friendly mecca located in both Studio City and West Hollywood, from this post. I gushed about my love for Hugo’s and how their monthly vegan specials consistently steal my heart. This month, of course, was no different.

My cousins were in town visiting from Florida, so a huge group of my Yoga Shelter friends and family gathered for lunch to get our vegan grub on. First up, we shared two plates of the vegan nachos. You guys all know how much I love nachos, and I have never tried Hugo’s vegan take, so I was incredibly excited of our apps to arrive.

Los Nachos Con Queso - Crispy corn tortilla chips over a bed of tomato-chipotle black beans. Topped with Chef Nabor’s zesty vegan queso sauce. Accented with pico de gallo, diced grilled green chilies, avocado and chopped cilantro.

We dug in so quickly all I could manage was an action shot. Hungry hungry vegans on de loose. These nachos were really good. Really good, but not great. I still favor Real Food Daily’s version over any other nachos I have had. Either way everyone thoroughly enjoyed these queso smother chipy chips and they disappeared within minutes.

When it came time for entrees I opted for their killer salad special this month, the vegan bbq salad. This salad boasted some of my favorite ingredients like grilled mushrooms and squash eeeek, so my order was a no-brainer.

BBQ Salad - Chopped romaine lettuce tossed with grilled mixed marinated vegetables (red and green peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, corn and mushrooms), black beans, diced avocado in a tangy BBQ dressing. Topped with crispy tortilla strips and pico de gallo.

This salad was perfection. An incredibly array of grilled vegetables, crisp romaine, loads of avocado, hot black beans and the most delicious bbq sauce evah. Two thumbs up and I would HIGHLY recommend you check it out before it goes off the menu in September!

Other notable vegan specials of the month included the gluten-free upside-down peach pancake (who doesn’t love breakfast for lunch) and the plato de alma plate, a latin version of my ALL TIME FAV Hugo’s special, the soul food plate.

Upside Down Peach Pancake - A thick pancake infused with peaches, sweet coconut cream, lemon and vanilla bean. Topped with a peach and banana compote and a dusting of organic powdered sugar.

Plato Del Alma - A wonderful Latin variation on our Soul Food Plate. Choice of grilled marinated organic tofu or veggie patty with a sweet chipotle drizzle, accompanied by corn tamale cake, fried plantains, grilled onions, grilled romaine heart with sweet chipotle glaze and stuffed crispy fried portabello mushroom with a mixture of avocado, black beans, roasted jalapeno sauce and cilantro.

Both were amazing, and if I go back and am hungrier I will hands down order the Plato Del Alma. Stuffed crispy fried portabello? Yes please.

Go check out these inventive and incredibly delicious specials before it’s too late!!


Your Vegan Girlfriend


8 thoughts on “Hugo’s AMAZING August vegan specials

  1. Okay, you already described it so well to me, but these pictures make me want to just move down the block to Hugo’s for the month of August so that I can eat all of these specials multiple times.

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