The best Indian Restaurant in LA – Samosa House

I’ve been on a serious Indian kick lately. Indian food is a great option for vegans because so many of their dishes are veg, and some Indian restaurants are even completely vegetarian. Samosa House in Culver City not only boasts an almost exclusively vegan menu but it’s food is by far the best I have had in LA. Hands down my favorite Indian restaurant. It was also featured on Food Networks The Best Thing I Ever Ate, in which Aarti fawns over their signature item: the samosa! She calls them the “jewel and crown” of Indian cuisine. Sounds like a pretty good endorsement to me. Samosa House is not only the mecca of incredible and authentic Indian dining, it’s one of the largest Indian supermarkets in LA. So you can eat lunch or dinner and then pick up all your hard to find spices for your home cooking. Score!

Samosa House

11510 W Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90066

Hours: Mon-Sun 10:30 am – 9:30 pm

Groceries galore

There’s not a ton of ambiance at Samosa House. You order from the counter, choose from a buffet style of sides, pay, and sit down. The women who take your order at the counter are authentically Indian in every way. After spending a summer in India two years ago, I always get excited when I hear traditional Indian accents. Don’t expect a ton of warmth and patience here especially if you take your time deciding what you want to eat like me. Not to worry the ordering process takes just a minute and you will soon be enjoying your amazing meal.

Waiting to order

A great feature of Samosa House is their labels highlighting non-vegan and vegan items. Usually there are only one or two non-vegan sides so you don’t feel like you’re missing out 🙂 I also highly recommend taking advantage of their tasting policy (aka you can have tastes of anything) before ordering since some sides tend to be hit or miss. Try before you buy!!

Sides galore - yum!

You can get a lunch/dinner plate special that comes with regular or garlic non or a chipati, 3 sides, and white or brown rice for like ten bucks. It’s an amazing deal.

Combo Plate! Clockwise from the top right: soy tikka masala, chana bhindi, chana masala, jackfruit curry, brown rice.

So good! Their garlic naan is pretty incredible but for me the real gems are their perfectly spiced and unique vegan sides all by their lonesome. On my most recent visit I ordered 4 small side orders to go for dinner.

Clockwise from top left: Lotus Root, Jack Fruit, Chana Masala, Mixed Veg,

I was pretty much OBSESSED with this meal. The Lotus Root is insane. I had only had Lotus Root once before, from Dave’s Korean, and I loved it. So when I saw Lotus Root as an option I knew I had to try. It was perfectly spiced and smothered in this incrediblely savory sauce. This was my favorite of all 4 sides my far. AMAZING. The jack fruit was also absolutely incredible. If you’ve never had jackfruit before this is the place to get it. They way in which they cook the jackfruit makes the final product resemble the texture of pulled pork or something of that nature. The huge chunks of jack fruit came with some spinach and a thinner sauce that complimented the”meatyness” of the dish perfectly. The chana masala was prob the best I’ve ever had anywhere. The mixed veg was the only think I didn’t love, but I blame myself really since that was the only thing I didn’t taste first. Remember, try before you buy!

This place is not a sit down and experience the ambiance type deal. But if you get Samosa House takeout style and enjoy it in the comfort of your own bed watching True Blood on a Sunday night I promise you will be one very happy camper (note: bad HBO is not necc to enjoy this food). Can’t wait to indulge in the spicy, bold, flavorful and super unique sides Samosa House has to offer again. Might have to make it a Sunday night tradition! Who wants in?


Your Vegan Girlfriend


7 thoughts on “The best Indian Restaurant in LA – Samosa House

  1. OMG this post has me so excited for many reasons… first, I’m going to India next month and it’s all I want to think about these days.

    Second, I LOVE lotus roots…the ones from Dave’s Korean are awesome and I’ve also had amazing lotus root “fritters” at my fave veg dim sum spot in NYC.

    Third, I’m totally into the jackfruit. Need to get there!

  2. This place has been on my list for a while. This post just bumped it up to the top. I’ve been craving some good Indian food for a while since I’ve come back from New York. I’m such a wimp though when it comes to spicy. I love the spices and the flavors but I can’t handle spicy to well 😦 Do they vary in degrees on spicy?

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