SEED – vegan, organic, macrobitic (or as I like to call it, crap-robiotic) eats in Venice

This past weekend my parents and I tried SEED in Venice. I didn’t write a post about it right away because I was so underwhelmed, so read at your own risk. I’ve heard about this all vegan, organic and macrobiotic restaurant for a while but in all my years of living minutes away I’d never been. Parking close to the beach is always insanity so we parked in the Post Office parking lot, which was a great move.


1604 Pacific Ave
Venice, CA 90291

Hours: Mon-Sun 10 am – 9 pm

I was a little disappointing when I realized this was an order at the counter type operation. Call me old-fashioned, but I like more traditional restaurants where you actually order from the waiter. SEED really lacks ambiance. It was almost kind of depressing. Seems more like a grab and go kind of place than a restaurant you actually dine at.

My parents and I walked up to the counter to suss out the menu and what we were working with. I loved that they had both soy and bean and grain based veggie burgers. I normally LOVE macrobiotic resturants because their food is so similar to how I cook at home. SImple, clean, well-balanced meals. I also have a sick obsession with kimchee so I was pretty excited to try theirs out.

I ordered their chop chop salad along with their Macro Bowl and added a veggie patty on top, which the guy at the counter suggest I try. We all know what a veggie burger fan I am so any situation where I can add a patty to my meal I’m down for. I also got an order of sweet potato fries I shared with my parents, which came to the table first.

Sweet Potato Fries

The fries were really good! I LOVE sweet potato fries but restaurants surprisingly get them wrong all the time. I can’t stand mushy fries and these were perfectly crisp but still soft inside. Score!

After a few minutes my salad came. I was immediately a little grumbley and disappointed because the salad came in a plastic container instead of on a plate. Plastic containers do not belong in restaurants you sit down and eat at period amen.

Seed Chop-Chop: Romaine, red cabbage, cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, baked tempeh, roasted almonds and ume plum-ranch dressing

As well as not loving eating out of plastic, I don’t like tossing my own salads (hahhahaha this kind of sounds amazing). I get that they may have been going for presentation with each ingredient alongside each other, but that is not so conducive to a nicely mixed salad. Groan. Taste wise, I thought it was just okay. The tempeh was pretty bland and the other ingredients were pretty generic. I liked the dressing but would not order this again. definitely not worth eleven bucks.

Next my Macro Bowl came and it too was in a plastic bowl. I think I am starting to get this place: overpriced takeout.

Saisai Donburi Macro Bowl: kabocha, kale, shiitake, sea vegetables, bean sprouts, daily bean, saurekraut, and balsamic miso sauce, with the added Bean & Grain Burger Patty

The veggie burger was excellent! I honestly loved it. Super flavorful and crispy on the edges. The rest of the bowl, however, did not deliver. They amount of veggie to rice ratio was so whack. There was probably a tablespoon of seaweed, saurekraut and mushrooms, four forkfuls of kale, and four tiny hunks of kabocha squash. After I ate all the “good stuff” out of it I was left with a little bit of beans and a whole lot of brown rice. Not okay. The miso sauce was also completely gross. Since nothing in the bowl really had any seasoning, this left for a very small, bland, and unsatisfying meal.

I had a bite of my dad’s BBQ Tempeh Burger and was pretty unimpressed, especially since this got some award for one of the best veggie burgers in LA or something.

BBQ Tempeh Burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, veganise and added cheese

Super inspired. Like I could just put bbq sauce on pre-cooked tempeh strips from a package and add the rest of the ingredients and call it a better burger.

I was still kind of hungry after we finished our meals but was unwilling to try their overpriced dessert because I was ready to get out of there. My mom ordered a blueberry scone she said was bland. Shocker.

So although an all vegan, macrobiotic restaurant in Venice is great in concept, for the atmosphere, prices and food quality, it severely disappoints. Def not worth the trip to the beach for the lone item I enjoyed, the bean & grain burger patty. Not going to be returning. Ever.


For vegan macrobiotic dining stick to M Cafe in West Hollywood y’all. Or create your own! Simple enough to throw in the veggies grain and beans in a bowl and go. Does anyone have a favorite macro spot in LA I don’t know about? Let me know if you do! Hope to make something new and delish for the blog tomorrow. Requests?



Your Vegan Girlfriend


6 thoughts on “SEED – vegan, organic, macrobitic (or as I like to call it, crap-robiotic) eats in Venice

  1. If you ever make it up north to the Oakland area you should try Shagri-la Vegan. Macrobiotic, simple, very tatsty and well priced. Would love to see some summer grilled veggie kabob ideas that are more than just bell pepper, zuke, mushroom, etc. Or some cold grain based side salads for picnic, BBQ, potluck affairs.

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