Recipe Fails and Amy’s Bistro Burger

The past two days have been epic fails on the recipe front. Monday I tried to make a beet and black bean burger that turned out so liquidy it could not would not hold together despite my adding an entire bag of cooked brown rice, millet flour, and then finally hand squeezing the juice from each patty. It finally baked up okay but the flavors were meh. UGHHHH!

They only look pretty.....

Then last night I tried my hand at eggplant parm and I think I could win the prize for making the world’s worst and most  disgusting version of eggplant parmesan ever. This monstrosity was bland, not at all crispy and tasted like shit. FML.

WTF are these gnarly looking stacks of doom? NOT eggplant parm and NOT dinner!!

So what’s a budding vegan cook to do when her high hopes and long hours in the kitchen go to waste? Call in my old friend Amy and let her handle the rest. Oh you know Amy too? Ya she’s pretty great.

All of Amy’s products are vegetarian, many are vegan, and there are a ton of gluten-free options as well. Most of Amy’s products are frozen but they also make canned soups, beans, sauces and recently Amy’s came out with a line of gluten-free shortbread! Additionally, all of her products are guaranteed organic and non-GMO. Score.

I see Amy very occasionally but sometimes you just gotta give it up when another lady can do it better than you. Last night, when it was clear I would not be able to force down more than one eggplant parm disaster cake I turned to my old friend. I was the friend in need and she was my friend indeed.

Amy provided me with my all time favorite frozen veggie burger: The Bistro Burger. I don’t know why this burger is so damn delicious but it is. It is also gluten-free and of course vegan!

I threw two of these in my toaster over and then ate them like pop tarts. No mustard or ketchup needed, the taste is perfect plain. It reminds me of cream of mushroom soup in a burger form, mmmmmm. Nutritionally they stack up nicely too!

They do contain soy but Amy’s is certified non-GMO and I don’t believe eating soy in moderation is terrible for us. So these pretty much make up my go to must eat something yummy but have nothing in the house meal. Do you guys have a go-to favorite meal or frozen food when all else fails? Let me know! I’m off to try to brainstorm something easy to whip up later today. Cross your fingers.


Your Vegan Girlfriend


5 thoughts on “Recipe Fails and Amy’s Bistro Burger

  1. The color of those beet burgers is gorgeous even if they didnt come out like you’d hoped!

    When I bomb a couple recipes, I usually end up pouring a big ol’ bowl of cereal and calling it a day.

  2. I love the simple humility of posting about recipe failures. I have had many a night with veggie burgers gone wrong. Don’t let this slow you down! 🙂

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