Protein Packed and Soy Free Vegan Yogurt

Being vegan is awesome. Giving up your favorite foods is not. What is life with out foodie bliss? One of the things my mom said was the hardest for her to give when transitioning to a plant based eating regimen was Greek yogurt. She claimed that it kept her satiated and she liked that it made her tummy feel good (thanks to the probiotics). There is a lot of misinformation out there that yogurt is a diet food and a health food, I strongly disagree with this notion. Strictly from a health stand point I firmly believe that dairy should be avoided at all costs. Many people talk about lactose intolerance, and the inability to break down the milk sugars because of a lack of the proper enzymes. But dairy also contains a dangerous protein called casein, which has been found to promote many diseases. As a reference for this check out The China Study, which is the longest running study in medical history. It is also interesting to note that in countries where little dairy is consumed there is also virtually no osteoporosis. Dairy is extremely acid-forming and leaches alkaline minerals like calcium out of our bodies. We can get calcium from many plant sources. In general, dairy is very hard for us to break down and it creates mucus in the body, and we don’t want that! I am a huge proponent of probiotics, but the healthy bacteria found in yogurt can also be found in other natural sources, like cultured foods.

But people love their yogurt, and so does my mom. So I knew I had to find a solution that wouldn’t have her pining away for those bygone days of dairy consumption. I admit I love my yogurt too, I just don’t love the health implications that come with it. I’ve experimented with some pre-packaged brands of non-dairy yogurt but haven’t been blown away with the stats on any of them. Sure soy yogurt tastes great and has protein, but I don’t love consuming tons of soy. And so delicious coconut milk yogurt is awesome, except it doesn’t have any of the protein soy or regular yogurt contains, making it a nutritionally empty choice. And all of the commercial brands I have bought contain a shit ton of sugar. Evaporated cane juice I’m looking at you. So I decided to play with my own version, that would ideally have the probiotics to make my stomach happy, the protein to keep me full, and no sugar whatsoever. Of course it would need to taste awesome too. You may say I’m a dreamer…. but dreams come true.


Get this at any Whole Foods. I drink it straight up too!

My fav protein powder of all time (it's so yummy!!!)

Mix all the ingredients together until it’s the consistency of yogurt… and that’s pretty much it! I add a little more “milk” cause I like my yogurt runny, but adjust to the consistency you like. It’s a lax recipe, play with the proportions. The cultured coconut milk gives you that tart taste we all associate with greek yogurt plus the super friendly bacteria to help build your digestive strength. The protein powder thickens up the consistency and gives you all the protein you need (16 grams!). And of course I put salt and stevia on everything so naturally they go in this recipe. And yes I admit this is not so much a recipe as it is some ingredients mixed together but hey, you all know how I love simplicity.

I eat my yogurt with a big bowl of oatmeal before runs, or enjoy it as a mid day snack between meals. You can eat it whenever you like considering it’s sugar free and super low calorie, but fear not, totally delicious.

Do you have any foods you are struggling giving up on a plant-based diet? Any you miss? I promise there is always an equally delicious vegan solution I’d love to show you. Hey, that’s what your vegan girlfriend is here for.


Your Vegan Girlfriend


11 thoughts on “Protein Packed and Soy Free Vegan Yogurt

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  2. Hi Arielle! I am super impressed with your culinary creativity! Using So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk and Sun Warrior Protein Powder to come up with your very own high-protein yogurt is brilliant! I’m vegan, and I love both products, so I know they must taste absolutely fabulous together! One thing I wanted to mention is that on the whole, we Americans are a little protein-obsessed, and over-consumption of protein is health-damaging, (as you and I both know from reading The China Study). People are completely bamboozled by the meat and dairy industries into thinking that if we don’t have tons of protein in our diets, we’re all gonna collectively get sick and die. But just the opposite is true! Americans consume an average of 200% the amount of protein our bodies were designed to run on, and heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and breast, prostate, and colon cancers are epidemic in this country. That’s what people are dying from! A pure, vegan diet comprised of a variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, in sufficient quantity to meet our caloric needs provides all of the protein our bodies require. While So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt does not provide additional protein to my diet, the added protein is unnecessary, and since it has lots of medium-chain fatty acids and healthy pre- and probiotics, I enjoy eating it just the way it is, especially the chocolate flavor! :)))

  3. What if I can’t get the cultured kind? This recipe sounds AWESOME as I was a devour of chobani before I declared no more dairy, after watching forks over knives! Need to find some replacement for myself and my 3 yr old. I can get all the other so delicious coconut milks but not “cultured”. Help!?

  4. For those who follow your blog in the Central Valley of CA, Sun Warrior is available at Lassens but not WFM. Love your blog. I am VERY new to vegan and check your blog daily. Marcia

  5. Excellent, I’m going to make this for my partner! Yoghurt is the last hurdle into his plant based diet. Thank you for all of your well written posts:)

  6. I just recently decided to cut just about all dairy out of my daily diet and stumbled upon this. It sounds amazing and will be making my first batch this weekend but I had a couple of questions first. How long does this keep? If I make a large batch to last me the week would it last that long in a sealed container? Do you know roughly how much calories or fat is in this? Thanks again for sharing!

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