Weight Loss and Veganism

Hello beautiful readers!

I was inspired to write a post about losing weight on a plant based diet due to my friend Griffin’s amazing transformation. Last month Griffin came to me for a nutritional consultation with a goal of losing about 20 lbs. We made a meal plan for him transitioning to a plant based diet, and he has lost 16 lbs already! Yes 16 lbs in less than a month without starving or depriving. He says, “The big thing is I am comfortable. I breathe better, bend better and feel confident.”  Well hot damn! Hooray for veggies!!!

Now I know when I first went vegan, weight loss, like any other self-obsessed 22 year old, was on my mind. It was a great motivator to start transitioning to no longer eating meat. I obviously now stay vegan for many other reasons (see why here) but it can be a great “perk” or motivator to start experimenting with giving up animal products. I’ve never been a good anorexic (In my youth I tired for about half a day and failed miserably), in fact by now you can see I am totally in love with food and eating. Being vegan has given me the freedom to pretty much eat what I want, sensibly of course, and not gain weight. My vegans friends would say the same. On a purely superficial basis, that’s enough reason for me. With celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Lea Michelle, Natalie Portman, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia DeRossi, Carrie Underwood (she went full vegan!), Jared Leto (swoon), Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler and even Steve-O all embracing a vegan lifestyle, there is currently more interest than ever in eating vegan as a means of losing weight. The genius book, Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, has a pretty clear message. Be vegan, be skinny. The concept here is one I preach as well.  Give up animal products, fast food, and processed food and eat a whole, natural vegan diet, you’ll be happier, healthier, more energized — and yes, skinny. It really is that simple.

The books!

The skinny bitches themselves, Rory and Kim

There are so many amazing stories of serious weight loss from going vegan. Here are a few particularly inspiring ones thanks to my friends at PETA.

“It’s the easiest ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on—I saw results right away.”Before: 200+ pounds, size 16
After: 134 pounds, size 6Read Leah’s story
“I went from being a fast-food-loving meat-eater to a vegan overnight.”Before: 200 pounds
After: 150 poundsRead Ben’s story
“When I cut out dairy products and eggs, I had so much energy that it felt like I had a whole new body.”Before: 175 pounds, size 14
After: 130 pounds, size 4Read Reannon’s story
“I now participate in bodybuilding competitions and recently took second place in a local contest.”Before: 210 pounds
After: 160 poundsRead Mike’s story
“Six months after going vegan, I had the peaches-and-cream complexion that I thought I’d never have.”Before: 167 pounds, size 14
After: 135 pounds, size 6Read Randi’s story

Pretty effing amazing.

And let’s face it. Most people are more concerned with being thin than warding off disease, having compassion for other creatures, and saving the planet. No judgement. I can be guilty of this too. I am in no way above wanting to be healthy, happy, and yes, thin. But the thing to remember is that what you are doing benefits not only you but other people, animals, plants, and our environment. Go vegan for weight loss but stay vegan because it makes you a better person.  I get to take care of myself and practice compassion 3 times a day (and sometimes more) and if that isn’t worth eating for, I don’t know what is.


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