Planet Raw – the ultimate raw vegan experience in Los Angeles

My family is the best. Not only do they fully support my vegan lifestyle, they mostly eat vegan too. My parents were both vegetarians for a while but fell off the wagon after I was born. My veganism has fully inspired both of my parents eating habits, most notably my mom’s who gave up all animal products a few months ago! Waahoooo! My dad eats mostly veggie anyways, except “once in a blue moon” as he says, he will have a burger. He really does prefer veggie burgers though. How lucky am I?? I was in full gratitude and appreciation for our similar diets when my dad told me he wanted to go to “that place I love” in Santa Monica for father’s day. That place? Planet Raw. Not only is this place completely vegan, nothing is cooked. Oh ya. And it is fucking mind blowing unbelievable. This restaurant could convert anyone into a raw foodist. I shit you not. I’m sorry Sunpower, I’m cheating on you and I think it’s serious…….

Planet Raw

609 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Open 365 Days a Year
9am-11pm Sun-Thur
9am-12am midnight Fri & Sat

Juliano’s is in a class by itself. The food here is unmatched by any other raw food restaurant in LA. The flavors, complexity, creativity and presentation of each dish is mind-blowing. Juliano is a straight up Iron Chef. I have no idea how he achieves these flavor parings and creative creations but they are truly INSPIRED.

They encourage you to ordered desert first as it digests better when eaten before a meal. Previously I have ordered the cinnamon rolls and WOWOWOOWOWWWW. Unreal. Perfect. Amazing. Also their Parfaits are the hands down best desert in the entire world. Guys, I kid you not. The Chocolate parfait and me equals heaven on earth. Like I could just die of happiness every time I eat it. Just as good as kind kreme with out all that flipin agave. Planet Raw doesn’t use agave and use raw honey instead which is AMAZING! Raw honey has incredible healing properties and it is actually completely raw unlike agave, which can be just as bad as corn syrup (more info on that here) Yes I am a vegan that eats raw honey when I know where it comes from. Judge away.

For Father’s day I got the pumpkin tortellini appetizer. How it is raw and tastes exactly like cooked cheesy torts is beyond me. It is magnificent. Truly magnifico. Must order.

Pumpkin Tortellini

Another must order appetizer is the jalapeno poppers, which are stuffed with “cheese” and blow your face off amazing. I just don;t even know how Juliano does it.

I also ordered my usu medicinal salad the best salad on God’s green earth. The flavors and textures are so complex, well-matched, and satisfying it’s unhuman. How can a salad be this fulfilling? It’s my favorite thing in the world.

MEDICINAL SALAD - Wild &V-Ganicly Grown Greens, Herbs, Wild Black Seaweed, Veggies, Buckwheat Croutons & Kreamy Olive Oil Dressings

The salad is def a beast and a meal by itself. I pretty much can’t not order this salad when I go there. I have in the past tried other entrees however and one of my favs is the Western Bacon Double and YUMMMM. It comes with Zucchini fries an ketchup which were just sublime. It also comes with a cheesy Jalapeno Popper which might be my favorite things I have ever tasted (as stated above). But then again everything here is. Cheesy Kelp is also a stand out.

My mom got the salad as well. She loves it as much as I do 🙂 My dad got the warmed lasagna and he ate every bite! Now if you know my dad you would know this is pretty much unheard of for him. He’s boderline manarexic so I rejoice when I see him enjoying food.

LASAGNA (WARM) - Heirloom Tomato W/ Macadamia Ricotta Layered In Zucchini Noodles - Warmed To Perfection

Another great misc treat is the Chocolate Shake. Order it before you meal and savor all the is chocolate goodie goodness in yo face.

This place makes me feel like I am a raw princess. I have so much admiration and respect for Juliano, his philosophy and his food. % stars for this raw haven in Santa Monica!!


All in all we had a lovely Father’s Day. We came home an enjoyed almost half of my Carrot Cake Loaf Pudding Cake thing. Buhh it’s so good. (Check yesterday’s post for that recipe).


Hope everyone is having a great week. Hope to post some more amazing recipes soon!!



Your Vegan Girlfriend


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