No Udder Vegan Bakery and anotha Vegan Thai experience in Woodland Hills

This weekend I went with my cousins to the brand new Vegan Joint that just opened in Sherman Oaks. Now don’t get me wrong, I like vegan Thai food, but every once and a while as a greasy indulgence. It is by no means a staple in my dining adventures, and so I was less than excited. When we pulled into the parking lot a ray of light shined down because, behold, there was No Udder Vegan Bakery right across the way.

I can’t find any info on the address, hours or anything for this place. It’s like it was a mirage appearing before a family of starving vegans. I swear it was there though and I have the visual evidence to prove it! It’s right across the parking lot from The Vegan Joint, the address of which I will post below.

We rushed into the bakery and proceeded to completely bombard the one lady working the counter right before she was going to close. There were about a dozen little mini cakes and so we got two of each and sampled them all!!

Mini cupcakes, cheesecakes, and pies, OH MY!

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ken's Klusters with Dark Chocolate and Oatmeal Cookies

About half of what we inhaled before dinner ... whoopsies. And yes, that's red velvet.

The standout for me was def the lemon bar cake mini. The chocolate truffle was also pretty good. Oink oink.

Overall this place is good but surely no Babycakes. Not worth driving to rando Woodland Hills for…. but when in Rome.

After we finished indulging in our pre-dinner treats, we walk down stairs to the new Vegan Joint to get our grub (part 2) on.

The Vegan Joint

20855 Ventura Blvd, Unit 3
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Cash register etc right inside, dining room in de back


So the menu here is not like most vegan Thai menu’s. The menu here is HUGE. Cheesecake Factory huge, with color photos and everything ….


I ordered my classic coconut but alas it was purple aka spoiled!!! In fact every single coconut we ordered was purple inside. DO NOT drink or eat a coconut if it is purple or pink it is a sure fire sign it has gone rancid. I also received this shocking reader (aka my aunt in Florida) tip about Thai Coconuts:

“… the coconuts you pictured at the Thai restaurant are heavily treated with chemicals before they are allowed to be imported into the U.S. I think he said they are bleached and/or dipped in formaldehyde.  Regular brown hairy coconuts are not subjected to the same treatment, and do not need to be organic.  […]

You can find true young Thai coconuts at Erewhon in W Hollywood, and sometimes at the Coop on Broadway in SM.  They are about the size of a small grapefruit, have a hard (but thin) light brown shell with 3 “eyes”, are easy to open, and have the most amazing jelly-like flesh inside.  Used to cost around $7 each.”

And there you have it. SO readers be aware before you drink!

Toxic coconut of death!

The rest of my order was dumplings, lentil quesadilla and a black bean dinner.

Grilled Dumplings with bomb dipping sauce

The dumplings were tasty, not amazing.

Lentil Quesadilla - clearly liked it so much forgot to take a pic til 4 slices were gone

The best of my orders. Still not blow your mind amazing (it’s vegan thai).

My create a plate with grilled eggplant, brocc and zucchini and a black bean burger patty

Epic fail. The veggies were oily but that is to be expected. The black bean burger was pretty much ineddibly bland. Yuck. Luckily I had enough food I wasn’t hungry at all.

The service was very fast and lovely however. If I were to return I would try one of their epic scrambles or create your own tofu omelettes. That being said my plans to return are slim to none. Nothing wrong with the Joint just nothing right.

Overall it goes down as another decent vegan thai option but in general not a fan.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Anybody have any fun vegan dinners planned this week? I think I might actually try cooking something (gasp!) and posting the results. Don’t quote me on that.


Your Vegan Girlfriend


4 thoughts on “No Udder Vegan Bakery and anotha Vegan Thai experience in Woodland Hills

  1. I am loving this blog! It is so honest and direct, what a breath of fresh air! Plus, it is making me want more vegan establishments in Santa Barbara. I just found out that a new vegan breakfast and lunch place opened this month, in SB, called ADAMA. When I go, can I guest blog?

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