Cafe Gratitude: I am in love and I am very, very full

My history with Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont isn’t a pretty one. I first went on day 3 of their opening because I was elated that this vegan, soy free, good vibe dining mecca was opening in LA. I wanted to like it there. I wanted to love it there in fact. Before I came I already looked up their menu’s from their Nor Cal locations, followed them on twitter, and even printed an application to work there. No shit. I was STOKED. I mean they filter their own water, compost all their scraps, only shop locally and organic.

Disappointed would be an understatement to describe my first experience there. Everything I ordered, literally everything, was almost inedible spicy. I have heard that they have since fixed this snafu and that all of the kinks are now worked out. And so, last night I gave CG a second try and I am so happy I did! I LOVED IT!!!!!

Cafe Gratitude

639 N Larchmont Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Hours: Mon-Sun 11 am – 10 pm

Outdoor patio walking up the stairs. Heat lamps and good vibrations 🙂

Shot of the community table when you first walk in

Drink station/juice bar and waiting area

My friends and I were seated immediately because we were smart enough to make a rezzie, which take note, you cannot do unless your party is six or more. Luckily I rolled deep last night post yoga so I was able to take advantage of a table with a booth waiting for me!

The table had glass containers of water you can serve yourself with but I could not resist ordering a drink (or two, whatever don’t judge me) from their extensive beverage menu. I settled on the I am Immortal tea which is probably the hands-down most amazing tea I have ever had, along with the I am Luscious chocolate shake, another huge win for CG.

I am Immortal: super special shaman shack tea with rishi mushroom made with coconut milk and raw honey - THIS IS A MUST ORDER!!!!!

I am Luscious: A raw chocolate smoothie made with Hazelnut milk, figs, dates, raw cacao & vanilla - mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

When it came time to order food you actually chew, I knew I had to go for the I am Whole bowl on account of my crazy love for kimchi and cultured vegetables (post coming soon on that!). I opted for the quinoa option over the brown rice or mix, because quinoa is so easily digestible and so delic! It’s actually not really a grain it’s a seed and it’s 100% gluten free. That plus the kale (favorite veg of all time!) seaweed (I love me some sea vegetables) and tahini sauce (on anything and everything please, thanks) and I was a goner. The menu was so extensive though I am dying to come back and try so much more like their famed coconut bacon, a version which I have tried at Euphoria Love’s Rawvolution – and it was astounding. Anyways here is the menu:

I am .... errrr hungry

And now onto the eating!!

I am Whole: Sea vegetables and kale, steamed quinoa or local brown rice, house-made kim chee, carrots, and sprouts with tahini-garlic sauce and teriyaki almonds.

The verdict: AMAMMAMAZING!!!! A ginormous portion, def enough to share, scrumptious, filling, and nutritionally balanced. I am in heaven.

Sadly I was too stuffed for desert but I clearly will be back much more now that Cafe Gratitude and I have kissed and made up. I’m so glad, I hated fighting.

Our waitress didn’t ask us the illusive “Question Of The Day” until the end which was “What brings you peace.” My answer: a perfect meal.

And now: I am full. And you should be too. So get your booty down to Larchmont and discover all that is Cafe Gratitude in its local, sustainable, vegan splendor.


Your Vegan Girlfriend


One thought on “Cafe Gratitude: I am in love and I am very, very full

  1. Glad you gave CG another chance… I am a big fan of “I am Bliss” (one of the best desserts I’ve ever eaten), “I am Graceful”, “I am Cozy” and “I am Transformed”. Oh and the potato with nacho cheese dish from their sister restaurant Gracias Madre in SF… so good!

    I might have to make a trip there this week.

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