Whole Foods in West LA aka my second home

There pretty much isn’t a single day I do not go to Whole Foods. I can’t help it. I love eating organic, fresh and seasonally and Whole Foods has the goods. From an amazing selection of raw and vegan goodies to their extensive hot bar area I always find the perfect lunch or dinner prepared that same day, or the ingredients to whip up my own semi-homemade meal. Recently the Whole Foods Market in West LA got a makeover which included an entirely new hot bar, sandwich area, pizza area, Asian cuisine section and smoothie/juice bar, as well as a cute little patio with couches for outdoor dining. Amazing!!! Before this overhaul I would drive to their Venice (aka Disneyland … post to come soon) location, but no more! Now I can drive 2 minutes for all my food binging needs.

Whole Foods Market

11666 National Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Hours: Mon-Sun 7 am – 10 pm

WFM West LA in all its glory

Today was not unlike most days, when I found myself I need of a quick lunch but no time or desire to make my on. Praise Jesus for their prepared foods section and hot bar.

The Hot Bar slash Cafe with a plethora of vegan options

As I usually do I went straight for the hot bar to assess today’s vegan options and SCORE! Hit the jack pot!!!

Veggies anyone?

After meandering around several times and shamelessly sampling more than my fair share, I settled on yams, grilled veggies, squash, broccoli (of course) and a shit ton of spicy eggplant (my other favorite veggie). I really wanted to get another favorite of mine, the garden goulash, but I thought it was too soon to delve into the world of legumes post cleanse, so I sadly had to just say no.

Lunch! (half way eaten ... sorry kids I was famished)

Another reason I love eating at Whole Foods is because there’s something for everyone, vegans and non-vegans alike. Their Cafe is so extensive I challenge you NOT to find something you like. Besides you can taste just about everything before you purchase! Just ask for sample cups for the hot bar or you will be “pulled over” for illegal tasting, not that that happens to me all the time or anything… cough cough. And there you have it! Simple, fast, fresh, organic and tasty lunch options for everyone! Dig in!!



Your Vegan Girlfriend



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