Vegan thai food in WeHo and breaking my fast

Today was the first day I actually ate food in one whole weak OMFG. I am under strict instructions to be eating soups, steamed veggies, tea, baked yams, applesauce and that’s basically it for the next few days, so as far as dining out my options are limited. I knew I could count on tride and true miso soup to do the trick, so one of my closest friends Elizabeth and I went on a trip to Vegan Glory in West Hollywood so I could get my miso fix.

Vegan Glory

8393 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Mon-Sun 11 am – 10 pm

In a little strip mall on Beverly and Orlando. Small and cute!

Elizabeth ordered a thai young coconut which is an absolute must get when you can because drinking actual fresh coconut water can NOT be beat. It puts VitaCoCo and Zico to shame. Plus you get the pleasure of scooping out the delicious meat as a pre-meal treat!

Nature's perfect beverage

And because we are twelve and think it’s hilarious….

What an LA coconut looks like

Bahahha. Okay, so I ordered the seaweed soup, a fancier meal size rendition of a traditional miso, and a side order of steamed broccoli. Both dishes were out in less that 10mintues, piping hot and absolutely delicious – hooray for chewing!!

Tasty clear broth with seaweed, tofu, vermicelli, and Napa cabbage garnished with fried garlic

The fried garlic on top was insane good, the broth was salty and soothing, and I love me some seaweed in anything so nuff said.

Steamed brocc - pretty self-explanatory

Broccoli is probably my favorite veggie ever. I order it constantly at restaurants and steam it all the time for myself at home. It’s also packed with… protein!! I know can you believe it!! Two cups of the green stuff boast over 5 g of protein. That’s as much as a serving of nut butter! It also tastes amazing with very little seasoning. You basically can’t fuck it up.
Whenever I go to Vegan Thai food I usually order Pad See Ew with soy chicken or Lentil Loaf. Those are clearly must tries here, but I can’t wait to come back to try these menu stand outs as well:
Pumpkin, eggplant, tofu, onion, sweet basil, bell pepper, and mushrooms stir-fried in garlic-chili sauce
Sautéed spicy red curry paste with green beans, bell pepper, and finely chopped Kaffir lime leaves with chocie of tofu of soy chicken, steak of shrimp
It’s ice cream!!!
With your choice of topping – blueberry, orange marmalade, peanut butter chocolate, or maple syrup
Just yes.
Do you guys have any thai go-to orders? Let me know!
Much love!!
Your Vegan Girlfriend

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