Zevia – zero calorie, zero fake toxic sugar, 100% delcious

I used to love soda. Regular Coke or Barq’s Root Beer was my jam. There was a time when I used to drink Diet Coke every single day, because I thought it was healthy. Zero calories = zero guilt, right? Wrong. Diet Coke and most other diet drinks are just as terrible for you if not worse than full calorie full sugar drinks. Diet soda is linked to strokes, heart disease and a slew of other health problems. If you want more info on soda and diet soda’s health dangers click here.

The only whole food, calorie free, natural sweetner is stevia. (Here‘s some more info on this wonder plant if you are interested.) So when I discovered Zevia, a soda substitute that was all natural and sweetened with stevia, I had to try it. Results??? Amazeballs.

Zevia has twelve different flavors, all of which I have not tried, but of the ones I have my favorites are Root Beer, Black Cherry, and Ginger Ale. Still dying to taste Dr Zevia. Who doesn’t love a truly guilt free beverage! You can find these bad boys at every Whole Foods market.

Cheers to healthy drinking!!


Your Vegan Girlfriend


One thought on “Zevia – zero calorie, zero fake toxic sugar, 100% delcious

  1. Thank you for this wonderful blog! This is super informative and written in a way that makes me feel like I am getting advice from a best girlfriend!

    Bring on the Blog!!!

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